White villages of Andalusia: a guide to Frigiliana, Spain cover

White villages of Andalusia: a guide to Frigiliana, Spain

After visiting the Southern Spain, I fell in love with many places, I didn’t even know they existed. The white villages of Spain stole my heart. Walking around many of these places, discovering every single belvedere point was pure bliss. Therefore I will unveil to you all secrets about white villages, starting with my guide to Frigiliana, Spain.

After a period of many months of not traveling, last month we finally went on a trip!!!

As you may already know, we’ve returned from a two weeks trip to Spain. My Instagram feed is white at the moment, sharing all these beautiful shots of white villages we’ve visited in South of Spain.

A guide to Frigiliana, Spain

Frigiliana, you say? What’s that? I’ve never heard of it…

I’m glad you asked. Because I’m pretty excited about sharing with you all the useful information for a perfect visit. Frigiliana is one of the many white villages scattered across Southern Spain, but with a beauty out of common.

Frigiliana’s white houses made me think of a flock of white doves, especially when seen from above, from the Miradores (which are the belvedere points).

It’s also like a secret place, because not many Spanish people knew about it. But this white village is different from the others, as it proudly holds the title of The Most Beautiful White Village of Spain.

White streets in Moorish District of Frigiliana, Spain
White streets in Moorish District of Frigiliana, Spain

How to get to Frigiliana

Located up the mountains, near Nerja, in South of Spain, to get to Frigiliana, you must first reach Nerja.

To do so, there are two options:

  • by car: if you come by car, just lounge the Costa del Sol, either on the N340 or A7 route.
  • by bus: there are buses dropping you in Nerja, and the one we used was from Alsa bus company. You can take this bus either from Granada or Malaga, depending where you are at the moment of visiting.

From Nerja, a local bus will take you to Frigiliana in 15 minutes, and the ride costs only 1€ that you pay directly to the driver.

07:20* 09:45** 11:00** 12:00* 13:30* 15:00* 19:00* 20:30*07:00* 08:00* 10:30* 11:30** 12:45* 13:45* 15:30* 16:30* 19:30* 21:00 (22:00 till end of August)

* Bus service not available on Sundays and Public Holidays

** Bus service not available Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays

Bus station in Frigiliana Spain
Bus station in Frigiliana, Spain

Tell me more about Frigiliana

Frigiliana is located up the hill of Nerja, and is divided in two part: the old town, which is the upper sections, and the new town, the lower section.

The old town is where history and beauty are. Exploring the narrow streets, going up and down, in search of all the Miradores is definitely what everyone should do. The view over Frigiliana is breathtaking, as it covers the white houses, the valley of Nerja and the sea.

In the old town you can find the remarkable Moorish feel of the village. Make sure you wear proper shoes, so that you can enjoy a good walk on these cobblestone streets.

Wandering around the village, counting the white-washed houses and losing yourself on the pretty streets of Frigiliana is the best way to visit it.

Wandering the streets of Frigiliana Spain
Wandering the streets of Frigiliana, Spain. Calle el Porton.

Things to do in Frigiliana

As always, first things first. When you arrive in Frigiliana, Spain, go straight to the Tourist Office, and get a map and some advice from the lovely staff.

It happens that at the same place as the Tourist Office, there are also two museums you can visit for free: Archaeological Museum of Frigiliana and a Temporary Exhibition of Art.

Calle Real, which is the Main street of Frigiliana and it’s here you will find souvenir shops and many tourists.

Callle la Huerta is a street that goes to both Botanical Garden and the Municipal Sport Center and Swimming Pool.

Calle la Huerta in Frigiliana Spain
Calle la Huerta in Frigiliana, Spain

My favourite place to be in Frigiliana is a hidden mini-square if you take the alley right on your left side as you face Iglesia San Antonio de Padua. Here you will find the breathtaking view of Calle el Garral, which is a street of stairs beautifully decorated with all sorts of flower pots.

Calle el Garral in Frgigiliana Spain
Calle el Garral in Frgigiliana, Spain

Miradores of Frigiliana

The streets of Frigiliana are indeed beautiful, but now let’s discover the belvedere points across the village.

  • Plaza de las Tres Culturas. From where the bus drops you off, go up to the parking lot for a first glance into the beauty of Frigiliana.
  • Paoramic view from 
  • Right after that, Calle Santo Cristo offers a breathtaking view from its observation deck.
  • There are lots and lots of belvedere points scattered around Frigiliana. Just make sure that you turn around from time to time and look up that view.
Panoramic view of Frigiliana, Spain
Breathtaking panoramic view of Frigiliana, Spain
Panoramic view from the restaurant in Frigiliana, Spain
Panoramic view from the restaurant in Frigiliana, Spain
Panoramic view over Frigiliana, while wandering around on its street with stairs
Panoramic view over Frigiliana, while wandering around

Pin it! White villages of Andalusia: a guide to Frigiliana, Spain
Pin it! White villages of Andalusia: a guide to Frigiliana, Spain
As you scrolled down for discovering Frigiliana, Spain, what inspired you the most?
Have you ever heard of Frigiliana?
Will this guide to Frigiliana help you make the decision to go there and see it for yourself?
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