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First of all, welcome to Travels of Plushy!  If you are here, I imagine something caught your eye, and now you are in search for a reason to stay.

Welcome to Travels of Plushy

Our motivation is to travel and to document any piece of information worth remembering, to inspire you and get your dose of wanderlust with every post.

Get to know us and let us inspire you with our posts, photos and guides. Be sure to get our news, rest informed and get in touch on Social Media!

Who are we?

Well, now that you found us, let us introduce ourselves.

My name is Ana, an engineer with lots of creativity that enjoys drawing, with lots of energy practicing cross-fit twice a week and volleyball on occasions, and most of all, like yourself, with a big passion for travel. I am an expat living and working in Paris.

The one that will ALWAYS follow me in my adventures is Très Etonné (this is French for “Very Amazed” or “Very Surprised”), my silly and awesome mascot that will keep me company when times get lonely. I still haven’t figured out whether dog or bear.

I am very interested in elucidating this mystery asap, so don’t hesitate to post your opinion in the comments.

The other one that joins me in these adventures since 2013 is Rémi, researcher in informatics and a sports addict.

Welcome to cookies, coffee and mascot
Join us, we have cookies!

Where you can find us?

You can find us on Social Media:

When I am not at my job, or on social media, you can find me watching animés, or behind my books (travel guides or not), in search for more information to fuel my wanderlust and find inspiration for the next exciting trip.

What and when do we post here?

We’ll talk about everything related to our trips, whether if it’s a roadbook of a recent destination, our recommendations on food or visit, reviews of the transportation and not only.

After going to the new location, you may find tips about photography spots and best time to visit before or after it gets crowded.

Some other tips will involve the blogging process. I will write about my editing process for photos and videos, my camera gear, social media, planning process and how to keep enjoying travels despite the fact of documenting it all.

I also write about what is being an expat in Paris and my passions.

A new post is released every Wednesday.

I want to officially welcome you on our universe. Thanks for your visit!

So will you be our friend?


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