How to visit Lyon and fall in love with it

Let’s talk about Lyon. A weekend to visit Lyon! This French city is of great importance due to its strategic position, in the heart of France, at the confluence of two important rivers, Rhône and Saône, thus making connections with the sea. It’s picturesque and overflown with history, all around the little streets from La Croix-Rousse, passing by Old Lyon and finishing on top of La Fourvière.

We’ve been around of France and we saw many beautiful cities and towns, each one of them carrying its history, its local cuisine and the local architecture. But none of them is like Lyon. Or rather said, Lyon is like nothing we’ve seen before. A mixture of Roman influences with Renaissance buildings and ruins, the testimonials of the WW2 with secret passages, and the modern Confluence Museum.

Plan to visit Lyon

Statue on the rivers of Rhone in Lyon

The length of your stay

Take a weekend long to visit Lyon, the heart of France. It’s enough for you to check the main attractions, but if you want to grasp its history and some of its secrets, stay 3 days or more.

Move around the city

Having said that, during our weekend in Lyon, we could not discover Tête d’Or Park, the city’s largest urban park. We were a little sad about it, but at least we have a valid excuse to go back.

Check in advance the useful information and get organized in order to be efficient with your time. Use TCL website and smartphone app to plan your daily journey. They have even a dedicated hashtag #ilovetcl for Instagram.

When to visit

Visit Lyon during the French holidays in August and keep Lyon for yourself. During these holidays, most of the French people will go elsewhere for their vacations. We decided to visit Lyon now just to avoid dealing with lots of people.

What to see when you visit Lyon


La Fourvière Hill

Take a walk on La Fourvière Hill to visit the iconic Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. Check the view over Lyon from the Belvedere Platform and explore the roman ruins, Ancient Theater and Odeon, a reminder of a great civilization.

Detail of basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière


Old Lyon

Descend the hill and stroll across Le Vieux Lyon, the historic town. Get a map from the Tourist Office with the secret streets and hidden passages, called traboule, that once served for espionage against Germans during WW2.
Vieux Lyon


visit Lyon - traditional restaurant
When you get hungry pick your best seat from the oodles of restaurants here

Try some of the local dishes, such as the Salade lyonnaise or the Quenelle, but save some room for the best ice-cream in Lyon: Glacier Terre Adélice.

best ice-cream in Lyon Glacier Terre Adélice

Try the delicious Lyonese pastry, Coussin de Lyon, sweets consisting of a chocolate core covered by a layer of marzipan. Mmm…

La Croix-Rousse Hill

When you visit Lyon, accomplish your journey with La Croix-Rousse Hill, for the best view over Lyon.

La Croix-Rousse

Rivers of Lyon

To finish your visit walk the Rive Gauche of the Rhône river and refresh yourself with a happy-hour beer on a péniche.

Rhone River

Reserve an extra day for Tête d’Or Park.

Complete guide for a weekend to Lyon. Look no further! Read to find more about the local cuisine, how to move around the city and how to organize your walking tour.


7 thoughts on “How to visit Lyon and fall in love with it”

  1. I used to live near Lyon and visited it many times. I loved Vieux Lyon but it’s been 12 years since I’ve visited. Thanks for taking me back!

  2. nice guide! I have always passed by Lyon, but never really visited, now I see there are many places of interest, hope that I’ll get to visit it one day 🙂 Thanks for all the info!

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