Quick guide to visit Piraeus

The naval port of Piraeus, located at only 20 minutes by subway from Athens, is a city of major importance for Greece, but not promoted for tourism. Despite this fact, here’s why you should visit Piraeus.

Quick guide to visit Piraeus

Walk up the hills of Piraeus for a nice view on the port or even the Acropolis

Stroll on the rivers of the Mediterranean Sea and admire the oodles of personal sailing boats and ferries

Indeed, the first thing you’ll see when leaving the subway station is the industrial port. From here, many ferries depart at fixed schedule towards dreamy islands with hot sands and blue waters. Choose an island and go in a day-trip; try Hydra Island, for instance.

If you don’t plan to leave Piraeus just now, continue walking in the Marina of personal boats.

Enjoy a coffee in one of the cafés Piraeus has to offer or go shopping

Have a nice taco meal at Roja Mexican Grill in Piraeus

If as myself, you feel saturated by the Greek cuisine, in Piraeus you can have an original Mexican meal. The host – and cook, and owner, and any role he might fill at a moment – will receive you with the well-known Greek hospitality and extra dishes.

Go for a swim on the hidden beached of Piraeus

I was heartbroken when we discovered this beach with clear waters, but couldn’t swim, since we hadn’t bring our swimsuits along. If you go to Greece, you should follow this unwritten rule and bring your bikini with you.

And more…

There also cultural activities you could do here, in Piraeus: Municipal Theater of PiraeusArchaeological MuseumMaritime Museum.

Tourist bus from Athens

If time’s on your side, you should visit Piraeus. There is a tourist bus that goes from Athens, but we found it too industrialized, therefore we skipped it and went by ourselves. The experience was way more authentic and we could help the little vendors, such as the owner of the restaurant, or little bakeries and shops from where we bought deserts, coffees, ice-creams or souvenirs. Prices were way lower than in Athens.

What Piraeus should do to attract visitors

Even though Piraeus is not enough promoted as a tourist site, we found the main esplanade under construction, so efforts are done for this city to strive. Therefore we have faith that tourism will boom in Piraeus too.

It’s a pity that the Greek officials don’t do more for this city, as this port could become a huge attraction by itself. While strolling the hills, the streets, the beaches and the marina of Piraeus, we thought about how we could improve the aspect of Piraeus and attract visitors.

Here are some of our ideas:

  • special program where locals could use their sailing boats as a uber service and transfer tourists from point A to point B
  • tourist website and office/info point opened the whole week
  • brochures for Piraeus available in Athens
  • promotion partnership with travel bloggers

Well, of course, this post is solely based on my experience to Piraeus and haven’t been compensated by anyone to write this way. I just want to show the world what’s there, beyond the well-known tourist attractions.

Recently, we have also visited France, Greece and Italy. Stay tuned for more travels!

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