Visit Greece: Meteora travel guide

Visit Greece: Meteora travel guide

Meteora was by far one of the highlights of our trip to Greece. Out-of-this-worldly rock formations dominate the whole area. The visit to Meteora offered us a unique experience of nature’s grandeur, history and human’s desire to reach for God’s feet – literally. Read here our Meteora travel guide.

Visit Greece: Meteora travel guide

How to get there

There are several options to get there. As we were coming from Thessaloniki, we’ve reserved bus tickets for KTEL company. The other option is the train, but we’ve found it’s easier to go by bus.

After visiting Meteora, we left to Athens by train. So everything is doable.

Where to stay

For the accommodation there are two options: either stay in Kalampaka, or the smaller village of Kastraki.

Kalampaka. If you choose to stay here there is a tourist office, lots of restaurants and commerce, as well as the train station and the bus station.

Kastraki. Some people prefer this smaller village as it seems less crowded.

Anyway, no matter what you choose, you’ll get the chance to discover the other village, as they are only 1.5 km apart.

Kastraki Meteora Greece
Kastraki valley seen from the Monastery

What we chose

As we were arriving late, we decided to choose Kalampaka. And I fell in love with the hotel I’d picked up for our stay.

There are several resources I use for accommodation, and this time there was a discount promotion on Booking.

Immediately I contacted the hotel to know if there were rooms with view over the meteor rocks. And they had a room for us!!

Here’s the view from our room in Aeolic Star Hotel.

Hotel room Kalampaka Meteora Greece
View from our hotel room in Kalampaka

Visiting the monasteries of Meteora

What you need to know before going

When visiting the monasteries, pay close attention to your clothing. The orthodox religion doesn’t allow you walking around in shorts – both men and women. Then, no cleavage and no shoulders. Just keep it simple and respect the culture.

As a woman it’s best you carry a big scarf you can use as a long skirt. Sometimes you can borrow a skirt at the entry of the monastery, but you have to pay for it in some places.

Discover the monasteries of Meteora

Now let’s go to presenting the monasteries. If you do the area by car, you can see all the monasteries in one day (no visiting inside).

Day 1. As we took two days for Meteora region, the first day we took the bus to the Great Meteoron, then we visited Varlaam, Rousanou and St. Nikolaos on our way back, by foot.

Day 2. The second day we hiked to Holy Trinity, then continued to St. Stephen, before going back on the same route.

Great Meteoron Monastery

To go to the Great Meteoron we took the bus from the station right before the Tourist Info point. You can ask inside for the schedule and the price. It should be around 3€.

The bus drops you at the highest point of the Meteora monasteries.

Great Meteoron Monastery Meteora Greece
The Great Meteoron Monastery

Varlaam Monastery

Located right next to Great Meteoron Monastery, Varlaam Monastery offers a breathtaking view over the valley of Meteora.

Varlaam Monastery Meteora Greece
Varlaam Monastery

Roussanou Monastery

To go to Roussanou Monastery, we took the hiking path up the hill, from Kalampaka. We reached the Monastery in 30 minutes.

Roussanou Monastery Meteora Greece
Roussanou Monastery

St. Stephen Monastery

My favourite Monastery as seen from outside was by far St. Stephen Monastery. In the picture below we were admiring the view from a different cliff. Actually few centimeters further away from my feet there was the emptiness.

St. Stephen Monastery Meteora Greece
St. Stephen Monastery

Holy Trinity Monastery

Coming from the street, you reach the monastery by climbing your way up on the exterior stairways. Or if you come from the parking, you have to take the stairs down.

St. Nikolaos Monastery Meteora Greece
St. Nikolaos Monastery

St. Nikolaos Monastery

St. Nikolaos Monastery Meteora Greece
St. Nikolaos Monastery seen from Holy Trinity Monastery

Outdoors activities

If you like outdoors, you can find several hikes around the area of Meteora. This place is a paradise also for rock climbers, but it’s forbidden to climb on the rocks that have monasteries on top of them. The site of Meteora is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Have you been to Meteora? What inspired you the most?
Share you experience in the comment section below. 

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