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Visit Dijon, an Autumn destination in France

While we all heard about the French coast line Côte d’Azur, with its beautiful beaches and summer resorts, not so many know about Côte d’Or, or French Golden Coast. After exploring some of the French cities, like Toulouse, Lyon, Grenoble, or even the castles on Loire Valley, today I propose you an Autumn destination: visit Dijon, the capital of Burgundy region.

Located in the eastern France, the name of this department came from the golden vine fields during Autumn. This region makes some of the world known wines, and dishes with wine based sauce are equally delicious.

So here are some of my favourite reasons to visit Dijon!

Why you should visit Dijon?

For the taste of Dijon

Dijon is the capital of Burgundy, a picturesque historic town, also known for its culinary treats.

Nonnette, hazelnuts chocolate cream filled pain d’épice

Dijon mustard, that comes in all unthinkable flavours, such as rose, hazelnuts, basil, or even wassabi.

Boeuf bourguignon, a stew also known as beef Burgundy, where a tender beef is bathed in the juice of Gods, the Burgundy wine.

Adult Manneken Pis of Dijon, on Forges Street
Lots of restaurants on the main street of historic town, Forges Street

For the free museumsFine Arts Museum of Dijon

Fine-Arts Museum of Dijon (Fr. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon) – beautiful art for FREE!! In about 1h you pass through 14 rooms, each dedicated to an epoch/style or region. You have to go see it for yourself!
Sacred Art Museum (Fr. Musée d’Art Sacré) – a monastery turned into museum. The visit is original, because you get to explore the altar and the priest’s chambers. The space has been decorated with christian sculptures and objects used for masses. FREE entry. You can also visit the balconies, but only on a paid reservation, planned in advances, and with a group.
Life in Burgundy Museum (Fr. Musée de la Vie Bourguignonne) – this museum offers a good insight of the yesterday’s Dijon, presenting the life (people and commerce) of the past epoch in Dijon. A surprising visit with FREE entry for all public.

For the nature

The natural park of Lake Kir in Dijon offers an informative spectacle on the local fauna. Strolling down the lakeside, you will find numerous panels of the animals and birds living here.

Lake Kir Dijon autumn reflections
Autumn reflections on Lake Kir, Dijon
On the lake Kir, there is also a little beach and you can even go for a swim.
Autumn on Lake Kir Dijon
The beach of Lake Kir in Dijon

Must see attractions when you visit Dijon

Follow these owls through historic town of DijonThe city proposes a self guided tour in the historic town, simply by following around the little owl, the emblem of Dijon. If you want to read about the buildings and monuments, you can purchase the guide of the owl at the Tourist Office.

The tour includes hot spots like Notre Dame Square (that’s where the Tourist Office also is) with the imposing cathedral and its gargoyles, Liberation Square with the Palace of Dukes and Fine Arts Museum, François Rude Square with the statue of an adult Manneken Pis.

The highlight of our visit was nonetheless, climbing the 316 steps of Philippe le Bon tower at Palace of the Dukes. The view from the tower offers a breathtaking view on Dijon (see presentation photo). You have to schedule your visit at the Tourist Office, depending on available places, because it’s a guided, payed tour (adult 3€, student 1.50€).

Liberation Square Dijon, Palace of Dukes of Burgundy
Liberation Square Dijon, Palace of Dukes of Burgundy
Timber framed building style in Dijon
Timber framed building in Dijon


Chartreuse de Champmole, monastery of Dijon
Chartreuse de Champmole, monastery of Dijon

It’s totally worth it to visit Dijon for the weekend, but if you want to spend more than a couple of days, you’ll want to visit the whole region, explore the Golden Coast and discover some wine cellars. The choice is yours!


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  1. Really fine post about Dijon, I surely adore this site, keep on it.
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  2. OUTSTANDING Post.thanks for share.Will definitely add Dijon to my list of cities to visit in France.

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