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Visit Biarritz, not only a land for surfers

For those who visit Biarritz, the name of this city comes with a reputation of one of the best spots for surfing in France. Located in Basque coast, the beaches of Biarritz attract lots of tourists during summer, for sports and leisure.

There have been times when I’ve preferred visiting a place in its low season. Whether it’s going to Mont Saint Michel in a late November, or go for a hike in the Alps in August, being able to avoid tourists and get a different view of the place has motivated me to do so for Biarritz too. I went to visit Biarritz in February and didn’t regret it.

What if I told you that you could visit Biarritz off season and still enjoy it? Here are my favourite photos of this city!

Reasons to visit Biarritz in the low season

1. The manors

Now that crappy weather reigns in France, you can enjoy traveling in touristy regions without tourists. The bad weather will offer a dramatic spectacle to this city, and imposing manors on high hills will look like a remake of series with Sherlock Holmes.

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2. The agitated sea

To experience a little of the surfers’ paradise, you can find yourself in a place to get splashed by the waves. Imagine for a second you’re that skillful surfer you once saw on TV, and you’re professionally riding a hell wave. Hell, yeah!

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3. The blue sky

If the weather is still windy and freezing outside, it’s clear you will not bathe, suntan or surf. That being said, you may be lucky enough to have a blue sky. Just enjoy those last rays of summer and blue sky, as they might be last ones for this year.

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visit biarritz attractions

Do you have a favourite destination you prefer going to in the low season? Would you visit Biarritz off-season?

Share in the comments your advice!

6 thoughts on “Visit Biarritz, not only a land for surfers”

  1. It sounds like great reasons to visit Biarritz off season. I don’t like crowds so it might be my thing. I love blue sky and manor houses. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How beautiful! I have only heard of Biarritz as a place of glamour. I know it’s popular in the summer so it’s interesting to hear about things to do off-season.

  3. Looks like there’s a fair bit to do in Biarritz. I don’t really know much about it, apart from a Rugby team being from there!

  4. What an adorable looking town! I love visiting places off-season. I feel that you get to know a place and its people better without all the summer crowds.

  5. I love traveling in low season when crowds are fewer and rates are low. The key is not sacrifice budget for bad weather and I feel Biarritz would probably be a good place to do this since, it might not be hot, but like you said, you had the chance for sunshine and the chance to get splashed like a pro.

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