Visit Amies, France: View on the Cathedral from the park

Visit Amiens, the Venice town of France

Last weekend we got to visit a surprisingly beautiful and underrated town; we got to visit Amiens, France. Located within 2 hours drive North from Paris, this town was a very pleasant discovery.

This year we’ve tried to travel a lot around France, because… well, since we are here… And also because we have plans of moving abroad (although we don’t know when or where yet). So at least once a month we’re visiting a new place in France.

Visit the French Venice: visit Amiens!

How to get thereView from the train station in Amiens, France

  • by train: going by train, is probably not such a good idea, since there is no direct route between the two; you have to change trains at Rouen, thus losing more time and money.
  • by bus: the best alternative is the bus; it takes 2 hours and it’s very cheap

My secret tool for finding good fares in France is Comparabus, which is a straightforward comparison tool for transportation in France.

Where to stay when you visit Amiens

Since Amiens is a small town, you can chose to sleep in any district.

The train station district was very clean and modern. Just across the street from the SNCF station there’s a calm little street with many hotels. Check their reviews online, before booking.

Another two beautiful locations were near the Cathedral of Amiens and in Saint Leu district, the Old Town of Amiens.

When to visit Amiens

In my opinion we got there at the best possible moment: a warm weekend of late March, when all the trees were covered by blossoms.

Since this town is not considered a tourist attraction, you don’t have to really worry about things like low season, high season. You can enjoy Amiens by yourself (well, with your travel companions) without the problem of over-flooding tourists.

Blossoms in Amiens, France

What are the main attractions of Amiens

When you visit Amiens, you cannot not notice the huge, modern train station and the tower across the street.

Another iconic building is the Cathedral of Amiens. At 15:30 you can make a reservation for climbing one of its towers. The left tower offers an impressive view on the traditional houses. When you finish enjoying the panorama, go check the interior too; it’s free. Furthermore, rich detailed sculptures and paintings await to be discovered.

Saint Leu district, the Old Town, is the part of Amiens that made me feel like I was in Venice. Stroll across the little streets and find your way between the canals.

Saint Leu district in Amiens

Local food in Amiens, France: Ficelle Picarde dish, crêpe filled with ham and cheese, baked and served with fresh saladWhat are the local dishes you should try

First of all, the best place to eat in Amiens is, again, in Saint Leu district, on the banks of Somme river, where oodles of restaurants are laid one next to the other. Their owners welcome you with different types of French dishes.

The local specialty you should order here is Ficelle Picarde, a crêpe filled with lots of cheese and ham, baked and served with fresh salad.

Visit Amiens, France: go to Saint Leu district for the restaurants

My favourite views in Amiens

While walking around for two days, I discovered two particular spots that offer the best view on the Cathedral:

  • in the park

Visit Amies, France: View on the Cathedral from the park

  • on the rivers of Somme, in Saint Leu district

View on Amiens' Cathedral from the Somme River

I hope that discovering this French town was a pleasant surprise for you too.

Do you have underrated favourite towns in your home country? Do you like (re)discovering towns that are not “the ultimate tourist attractions”? Share your thoughts in the comments sections.

2 thoughts on “Visit Amiens, the Venice town of France”

  1. You made the both of us want to go! I visited Amiens when was a little kid but don’t really remember now. Might be time to visit again. 😉

    1. I’m so glad, Jo!
      We were pleasantly surprised too. Everyone told us Amiens is very little, there’s nothing to do, but even though it’s little, walking around is an experience in itself, especially in the Old Town (St Leu district).
      There’s also the possibility for a day-trip to the Bay of Somme river, to see the seals ^.^

      Please, go and check it out!


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