Travels of Plushy wishes you happy holidays!

Travels of Plushy wishes you happy holidays

These couple of months were quite hectic for my partner and I, so I wasn’t able to write anything for you. But I returned to wish you happy holidays. That being said, I am planing to be back in business starting 2018.

I wish you warm holidays and a weekend with plenty of friends, family, pets and happiness.

We should all take a moment to express gratitude for what 2017 has been. I’ll have next week a post with 2017 in review, so it will be a quick recap of everything I haven’t shared here.

Expressing gratitude

Recently I started reading more on personal improvement and growth, and it seem like an unanimous idea passes through: positive thoughts make us feel better and boost our energy. Therefore, here I go!

I am grateful for people near me and for Plushy’s smile. This doudou (french word for a plush toy kids sleep with) brightens our everyday life and make us smile with its smile. Even though it’s not particularly cute or fluffy, everyone loves Plushy.

This year my travel and life partner and I got married. After more than 4 years of traveling the world and discovering new places and cultures we’ve decided to take the next step. So these holidays, we are celebrating as a family.

Thank you for being part of Travels of Plushy adventure

If you’ve been following our adventures (at least on Facebook I am posting personal photos from our trips and status updates of our daily life), I am very grateful to you, for being interested in what Plushy does, or where Plushy goes. I hope we motivated you to go there yourself. I hope you were able to discover it yourself, whatever that might be.

This blog started as a way to keep track of our trips. But soon I realized people could be interested in more practical information, so I tend to give out this kind of information. But without you reading it, it wouldn’t have this much value. So thanks for being here!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of my latest projects.

Happy holidays: Plushy illustration - Christmas Market Tree
Plushy illustration – Christmas Market Tree. You can find more illustrations by me here

PS: I’ll tell you about my illustration project in a future post! I have so much to share with you. 2018 will definitely be an eventful year!

Travels of Plushy wishes you happy holidays!

So, happy holidays, my dear friends! Enjoy a warm Christmas holiday and have a prosperous and happy New Year!

Travels of Plushy wishes you happy holidays!

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