My travel art project: Sunset series

Without a proper introduction, I drop only this: Welcome to my travel art project! I kept it a surprise for quite a long time, as I guess I wasn’t sure people would like to read about my art stuff. But that changed, and I’m very thankful it did!

Today I can finally introduce you to my travel art project I started in the beginning of the year, as one of my resolutions project for 2017.

In a recent post I was writing about my art passion and my permanent painting exhibition and you loved it. That post had a peak of views. I cannot thank you enough for appreciating this kind of posts. I guess it’s a way for you to know me better, through my passions and my artistic side.

In Improve figure drawings in 7 steps I was also telling you about my dream of working on a comic book type of project. But that’s another goal for later. I just hope to have enough time and inspiration towards developing it.

Welcome to my travel art project!

How this travel art project was born?

As you are aware, since you are reading Travels of Plushy, this is a place where I share my experience from travels. Everywhere I go, I take Plushy with me and have fun.

Since I love traveling, and drawing, and Plushy, my travel art project was born naturally as a solution to assemble all my passions.

And what’s the main idea behind it?

The idea is to draw a scene from our holidays, featuring:

  • the destination
  • Plushy
  • and myself

…as an illustration. The chosen support is a square format of 12 x 12 cm, that symbolizes an instant film like a Polaroid photo.

So here are my first three entries for what I wish for to become a series where I keep sharing this kind of posts with you, guys!

1. Sunset in Singapore

While in Singapore last year, we visited the Gardens by the Bay during the day. It was a heavy breathing, hot day and we managed to refresh ourselves in the children’s mini water park. After that I was soaking, making pirouettes to let my blouse loose so that it can dry.

I had stopped just outside of the Greenhouse and threw Plushy in the air for a photo. I must say, that the only thing that differs from the photo is my outfit.

As I am creating a character, I chose to draw it all the time the same: white dress with blue shadows and red hair.

2. Sunset in Pisa

Pisa, the Italian city of the reclining tower! What an experience.

It was back in 2014, when I took Rémi (my boyfriend) in a trip I crafted myself from scratch. Before that we were either traveling with friends or family, or only going somewhere for the weekend.

That trip to Italy was memorable from many points of view. But I’ll skip the story of Rémi losing his wallet in the evening, because it ended well. Spoiler alert: the restaurant personnel had found it in the evening, and returned it to Rémi when we prompted at 7am at the entrance, asking if by any chance they had found his belongings.

Instead I illustrated this one. We were at the famous tower of Pisa. Rémi was posing the cliché “I’m holding the tower so it won’t fall” (as everyone in the background), while I was trying to synchronize his hands with the edge of the tower. The next moment, a guy comes and High-Fives Rémi while he was posing for the cliché shot. We laughed for hours, and even years later we sometimes laugh at this.

To immortalize this fun story, I chose as protagonists myself High-Fiving Plushy.

3. Sunset at Parc Asterix

I will never understand why people prefer going to Disneyland, instead of Asterix while in Paris. Parc Asterix is one of the most underrated amusement parks. I went there only two times, so I had the chance to test all the attractions. The adrenaline rush is ensured by most of the montagne russe attractions.

I will never forget that feeling of the Tonnerre de Zeus attraction, a structure entirely in wood, cracking as we were going up, and with a steep slope on the other side. I thought that I was done right then, right there! Plushy’s face and my own say everything.

And there was also Zeus, the mighty god with his thunder in his had, ready to strike. But under all that mightiness there are pink flowers hiding. As soon as you walk underneath, Zeus’ true self is revealed. Teehee!

Behind Zeus, you can spot Goudourix attraction with looping.

Tell me! What do you think about this art project?
Do you want more illustration? Do you like the concept?
How about the chosen destinations?
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