Most beautiful hiking trails in Martinique

The most beautiful hiking trails in Martinique

[Hike in Martinique] Lizard in Python Crêve-Coeur hikeMartinique, one of the French Islands in the Caribbean Sea, is a must see destination that’s available at any time of the year. With a tropical warm climate, this island is ready to welcome you whenever you are ready. Today we’ll present some of our favourite hiking trails in Martinique.

Best time to travel to Martinique? I would say when it’s wintertime in Europe, which also corresponds to the dry season in Martinique (from December to May). This island is not only perfect for sea and beach lovers, but also for hikers. This article features some of the best hiking trails in Martinique with beautiful and tropical wild flora.

That being said, here I have compiled a list of the most beautiful trails with average* or easy* effort levels.

Average/easy* depends on your physical condition. Know your capacities and read the recommendations before starting the hike. 

Most beautiful hiking trails in Martinique

Recommendations before hiking

  • When preparing your trip in the Caribbeans, make sure to pack sun protecting clothes and hats and the hiking equipment.
  • When preparing for the hiking trail bring all the water you can carry, especially for the 3 hours+ trails. Sometimes 2 liters per person may not be enough.
  • Spray yourself with sunscreen and mosquito repellent on the uncovered areas of your skin.
  • Prepare a picnic and a bag for your trash.

Better safe than sorry!

[Hike in Martinique] Trail of the Presqu'Ile de la Caravelle - mangrooves1. Circuit of the Presqu’Île de la Caravelle

La Presqu’Île de la Caravelle is THE HIKE to do when you get in Martinique. There are two main circuits, a longer and a shorter version, but you can explore the extra paths, like a 30 min detour to the lighthouse. We took the 4h one and we enjoyed every portion of it, even though the sun was unforgiving.

The highlight of this hike, aside from the beautiful coastal view, is without any doubts, the hidden small beaches. We stopped for 1h or so for a picnic and a swim. At first the water seemed like burning, but got used to it and went snorkeling.

I know that most of the people, especially girls out there, remain glamorous on hikes or at the beach, wearing a fancy swimming suit. Well… as for me… for most of my swims in Martinique I wore a hat and a light, long-sleeved cotton blouse over my swimsuit in order to be protect my skin against the sunburns. As I said, the sun can be unforgiving, no time for me to be glam.

[Hike in Martinique] Trail of the Presqu'Ile de la Caravelle

2. Road to the Cascade de l’Anse Couleuvre[Hike in Martinique] Couleuvre Waterfall

The hike to the Cascade de l’Anse Couleuvre was through the jungle. A fairly easy hike of 1h, through the luxuriant vegetation and high humidity, that seemed like walking through a green, humid tunnel.

When we reached the end, a 30 m high waterfall was waiting for us to get refreshed.

3. Climb to the Piton Crêve Coeur

This hike is maybe 30 min long if you’re in good shape. Not even some of our Martinican friends knew this peak of a mountain called the Piton Crêve Coeur.

Located near Sainte Anne town, this peak offers an incredible 360° view on the southernmost area of Martinique. Awesome view, not be missed!

[Hike in Martinique] 360 view on top of Python Crêve-Coeur hike

[Hike in Martinique] View on Le Marin city from the top of Python Crêve-Coeur

4. Ramble on the Savane des Pétrifications

This flat area covered with herbs and petrified woods is located in the south of Martinique, starting at Sainte Anne town. Hiking this area gives you a breathtaking view on the islands around surrounded by deep blue hues. Very easy trail of about 2h long, but you can choose to finish it whenever you feel like it.

[Hike in Martinique] Savane des Pétrification view

[Hike in Martinique] Savane des Pétrification trail

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Have you been in the Caribbeans? Which island? Have you ever been in Martinique? What’s your favourite hiking sport? Share in the comments section.


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