{Embrace Weirdness] Myanmar: Art at Linkage restaurant in Yangon

Stay creative: embrace weirdness, be yourself!

Today’s topic is again a personal one, since I want to approach this subject of how people should be themselves. I am a weird, sometimes funny person, but not in front of anybody. Some will agree that I’m a total awkward, boring person, while others appreciate me for my fun side and my creativity. Stay creative by embracing your weirdness!Embrace weirdness: Plushy and flowers

Embrace being weird in a boring society

Just when you begin to question it all, to wonder if being weird in a bored-by-smartphones-society is not acceptable, your other “weird” peers will find your weirdness very interesting/cute/beautiful, depending on what it is.

I tend to think that my weirdness is “normal” – a normal weirdness: I am a five-years-old trapped inside. Suddenly when I am bored or stressed, she kicks in to save the day.

My universe is based on Plushy toys, crabby dances, silly faces, doodles and drawings and Japanese culture – with animés and cosplays.

How to stay creative

Stay creative: with Weird Art. This random drawing is one of my most spontaneous, weirdest painting
Most spontaneous, weirdest drawing/painting

For example, I’ve always been doodling nice things for art class while in kindergarden. Then, again, during my elementary school, when we had one hour of art per week. During exams period in college, my white night dedicated to studying got so intense between some equations, that the 5 y.o. me timed out the adult game and decided it was time to draw; after ten years of not drawing. So that’s how I re-became an artist, just like that, few hours before the exam.

Needless to say she saved the day night. After 30 minutes of drawing break my brain was rebooted and I was able to resume studying and bring some good results too.

Another five years later, she still manages to impose herself, but now I support her and encourage her to follow her dreams.

Being creative while traveling

And traveling is her new passion. Now she’s carrying her travel companion everywhere she goes. She and Plushy have been around Europe, and a little farther too. Meanwhile, I work full time, in order to be able to afford all that for her, the 5 y.o. self. But dreaming of the day I will be able to live off entirely of my creative side.

The not-so-supportive people

Some people are supporting and encouraging her. Others will try to bring her “to reality”, telling her to “grow up”, “get married”, “have kids”, bla bla. The point is, she does what ever she feels like. Too bad it’s only recently I’d came to the conclusion that you’re not obliged to follow a path everyone expects you to follow. Just do whatever works for you, what makes you happy, is what counts the most.

The resolution

But how should a bunch of bored-with-smartphones people know what’s best for you? I am in charge of my own responsibilities, like paying bills and taxes, do the adult life, like cooking and cleaning.

And if the 5 y.o. me version wants to break free, I will let her be. She can do the creative stuff, like doodles, dancing weird crabby dance and making silly faces.

Staying weird: Crabby dance in Romania, by the Black Sea

Important note:

Just be yourself, believe in you and work towards your aspirations. You know what’s best for you. Stay creative and be weird, if that’s who you are.

Stay creative, stay weird!

With love,

both of us.

PS: Happy birthday to me!

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