Discover The Road of Castles in Provence region

As we’re back from a small trip in Provence region in France, I have so much to share with you! Even though the main purpose of this trip was to finally see the lavender fields, we discovered this hidden gem called the Road of Castles in Provence, in South Luberon area.

He have rented a small car for two days and the first day was very grey and smelled like rain. We decided to see something else, so we went to check with the Tourist Office.

The Road of the Castles in Provence

The decision was easy, so we went for it: The Road of the Castles in Provence, in South Luberon.

As its name says, is a road that brings you from castle to castle, from East to West.

Castle of Tour d’Aigues

Let yourself enter in this new world described by the elegant facades of Castle of tour d’Aigues. Today almost a ruin, this castle keeps intact its main gate that impose itself like a triumph arch. This castle is considered being one of the most beautiful in Provence region.

In the interior court you can discover the ruins, the last two standing towers and a platform that offers an impressive view on the region.

Castle of Ansouis

The cute castle of Ansouis is private domain and the owner offers guided tour of 1h30 through the castle, explaining history and ownership of royal blood. Since the castle had fell into ruins, the guide told us she had decided to buy herself the castle and begin its restoration.

Castle of Ansouis is composed of two different castles that were merged together hundreds of years back. A part of the castle shows warmth and has a welcoming design, representing l’art de vivre from the century of Lights, while the medieval part keeps an austere mood, as it was designed for a defensive purpose.

During the guided tour you will discover the suspended gardens, the private terrace of the family, from where you can admire the view on the picturesque village of Ansouis.

Castle of Lourmarin

Castle of Lourmarin was the last one we had time to visit. The entrance to the castle opens to an artificial lake with waterlilies and carps. A small garden embellishes the small court with roses. From here take a moment to sip on this picturesque view of the Lourmarin village.

Inside the castle is not very big, but the balconies of the interior court are impressive. With arches alongside the external corridor, you can find yourself thrown back in history.

The main tower served for prison, while the stairs tower grants access to the apartments. And there is this tower at the entrance.

Castle of Lauris

The last castle on the Road of the castles of Luberon is Castle of Lauris. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to see it, as it was closed by the time we would have reached the village.

If you have the possibility, continue from Lourmarin on the Road of the Castles until Lauris village.

Lourmarin, one of the most picturesque French villages
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