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Redefining target audience with these simple blog changes

For the past several months, since I’ve released Travels of Plushy in order to share my travels with my family and friends, I struggled to understand all the work I need to put into my blog. Because writing blog posts is not only about narrating something and hit Publish. So naturally, today I will tell you about my blog changes that will take effect starting on Monday.

All the work behind the scenes

Writing an article is about thinking of a new, appealing way to do it, work out photography skills and post-processing the photos, juggle between Social Media accounts in order to promote your blog, researching Google Analytics in order to find good search keys, and so on.

Sometimes I have to look into the CSS code to change some bugs in the appearance of the blog, or start optimizing the speed of my pages. Feels like Sisyphus work.

Travels of Plushy’s objectives

blogging train travels of plushy

The truth is, I am tired of all this. I cannot concentrate enough on what I would like to share with you, as doing all this stuff eats my time, attention, patience and energy… But I want to write! This is why I opened this blog in the first place! That’s why I came with these blog changes.

I want to share my travels, make you discover the world through my eyes, show you how you can pursue your dreams and hobbies, share with you my experience, help you grow and grow with you at the same time.

So I will force myself to deliver more, even though on the side I will keep struggling with improving and optimizing stuff behind the scenes.

What are these 4 simple blog changes?

I see many travel bloggers that share their lifestyle such as: outfits, recipes or decoration.

As you already know, I, too, have a lifestyle section on my blog, but it’s not about superficial stuff as mentioned above. With me, things will get more technical. Even though I’m a girl, I’ve never liked talking about that kind of stuff, I’ve never liked purses and only wore heals couple of times a year, on different occasions. It’s not for me to talk about all that girl-related stuff.

Some of the subjects that I am passionate about will appear on this blog. It’s time to diversify my blog posts. Thus, the blog changes are more about organizing the blog posts into a consistent schedule.

Here’s how!

Startup life

I’m introducing a new series of posts, called [Monday Morning Coffee]. In this series I share some details about my job, about the life in a startup, or the aspects of working in Paris.

Every new post is supposed to be released on Monday morning at 7:00 UTC. What we all do Monday morning at 7? We have a coffee and get ready for work. So that’s why the series is called Monday Morning Coffee.

Blogging life

Discover everything I have tested in terms of SEO optimization, page speed improvement, CSS styles tricks (I will teach you how to implement world map menu without paying for a plugin that does that), and many other subjects related to blogging process.

Expat life

As I am living in Paris, I am finding it more and more difficult to see Paris beautiful. This is one of the reasons I don’t write blog posts about Paris. The only times I want to share what is like living in Paris I have to calm down and not start writing s#!t about Paris, because everyone loves this city.

When I first came here for studies, I would go visit every weekend from early in the morning until the last RER train. Now I want to escape from it, from its garbage, from its people, from its pollution, from its gray shades. So yeah, not that appealing, thus I will try to give hints on different subjects related to expatriation.

And I don’t intend to go back to my country, so maybe sooner than you think, I might make an announcement of moving somewhere else. We’ll see what the future holds.

Blog changes: expat life in Paris
Spending winter holidays in Paris

Artist life

My objective is to include my art in my blog, and find a way of monetizing it. This is not really one of the blog changes, as I already posted about my art.

Drawing and painting is my passion and therapy. When I paint I am soothed by the sound of brush strokes on the paper, I’m almost practicing Yoga with my hands effortlessly hanging mid-air for hours, or making bizarre balance postures in front of my easel. Generally, at first I struggle to find the subject to paint. After deciding what I will be working on, everything becomes easy and I can plunge and forget myself into my art.

The year 2016 marked my realization of wanting to create more art. It was a good year. I even participated in my first painting exhibition in Paris area.

For this year, my aim is to create art related to my travels and share my insights as a wannabe artist.

Painting Exposition Hall - presenting my artworks at my first exposition in Paris Area

Program of my blog posts

So without further due, here’s how my posting schedule looks like starting from now on.

  • Monday[Monday Morning Coffee] is the name of the series where I talk about what it’s like to work in a startup. A post will be released at 7 am UTC.
  • Tuesday: [Sportuesday] is the rubric of posts where I intend to write about sports and health. The post will appear in the morning, at 7 am UTC.
  • Wednesday: This section post about travels doesn’t change. On every Wednesday I will be sharing posts about travel at 16:10 UTC.
  • Thursday: [Technical Thursday] is under this name that I will be sharing blogging related tips. Any hour until I figure out what time works best for all of us.
  • Friday: [Friday Creation] is the name of the post series I write about my art passion. It can be at any hour.

Pollution in Monywa, Myanmar
Facing pollution in Monywa, Myanmar

Big disclaimer section

But wait! This does not mean I will be posting a new article every day. What remain regular are the blog posts on Wednesdays, the ones related to a travel destination.

The other new sections are bonuses and might happen every now and then, but definitely not all at the same time. Unless I feel like it.

Posting will go something like:

  • First week: Wednesday
  • Second week: Monday +Wednesday
  • Third week: Wednesday + Friday

And so on.

These blog changes are intended for myself, as well as for you, to keep you interested with different topics. Therefore, please feel free to give any feedback in the comment section. Thanks!

Make sure to check again soon! Have a fabulous day!

7 thoughts on “Redefining target audience with these simple blog changes”

  1. Great post on your blog & what you will be doing, sounds fantastic, your art looks amazing too in the background of one of your photos. I totally agree with the blog promotion side of things, it’s a lot im thinking of getting a full time Virtual Assistant to some some of this later on. Good luck with everything.

  2. Your schedule sounds good! I personally try to write only about my travels even tho I am not travelling all the time. I know how you feel about Paris. I live in London for a while and I feel exactly like you

  3. Thank you for the insight on your focuses on your blog, I too have similar goals yet also wish to do it within my own restraints, as I am only human. I have been blogging for just over a month now and I am simply blown away by the interest I’ve had since I started.

    I will obviously make my blogs twice or 3 times a week in my own focuses very shortly.

  4. Yes, I understand that on the promotional/marketing side of things, it gets daunting, redundant and quite unappealing. I am a writer and gain satisfaction solely out of writing.

  5. I completely understand you when you say that you are tired of putting so much of your time and energy into blog promotion, SEO keyword search …. and all you want is to write. The same is here! 🙂
    Blogging is like an iceberg. Readers see only what is above the water (interesting texts and beautiful photos), but beneath the water surface there is a lot of hard work that has been put and that is not visible to readers.
    Anyway, I am glad you have made your blogging program and I am subscribing myself to your Technical Thursday ! Happy blogging, always!

    1. Thanks for your support, Milijana!
      Now I know that whoever wants to begin blogging has no idea what this is all about. That’s why I decided to share some of the behind the scenes information.
      Also thanks for letting me know you are interested in Technical Thursday topic!

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