Louvre Pyramid in Paris

The reason I started a travel blog

This year I finally caught up with my ideas, made some courage and launched my travel blog where I write about my experiences during travels. Travels of Plushy came to life after some hesitations and lots of questions whether it’s worth it or not.

I find that an easy way to keep you occupied between travels is to write about your recent one, or the ones to come. If you like discovering new places, you will read other blogs and find some inspiration for your next destination. Writing about travels might start as a hobby, but soon will begin eating every ounce of your free time!

That’s what happened with my travel blog!

Discovering a new passion

As 2015 was coming to an end I had this thought about traveling more. In early 2015 my priorities were, well… , my job (?), or just I hadn’t set any specific targets to achieve. People who travel don’t have time for silly questions like this, they live in the present (ok, sometimes they are projecting themselves a little into the future when planing the next thing), and trying to cope with their travel bug.

  • Several years ago I became a full time expat in Paris, with a fixed job, paying taxes, and struggling to decide whether I loved or hated Paris (it’s probably both!).

With Travels of Plushy on the go, let’s say my travel blog is keeping me motivated while not travelling.

blogging train travels of plushy

The questions

Before starting my travel blog, my life was still good and normal, despite the fact I was feeling something was missing. I began asking myself what’s the purpose of life (pretty cliché, right?) and “that’s it? is that all there is?”. Is having a job and a good situation where you can afford paying bills, all there is?

My life was on autopilot and I had a constant feeling that something was missing.

The revelation

Soon after my questions began to raise, we went to Japan. It was my first big trip (because it was for the first time I could afford one!), and there there was: my purpose, the life I knew I wanted for myself.

The awesome feeling of being office-free, discovering a different culture (in countries of Europe I had visited so far, people, cultures, even food were pretty similar), and experiencing new encounters, put everything into perspective. For me, it was the first time going far from home, but I loved every aspect of our vacation to Japan: the tea ceremony, the home-stay, all the temples and shrines, the castles, the nature, the people, the technology, all of it!!!

People put a specific name to all these combined feelings, wrapped them in the definition of travel bug.

But my realization that traveling is what I want, wasn’t immediate! At first I started to read more about Japan, and discovered tons of blogs related to travel, a never-ending source of inspiration and wanderlust. Other fellow bloggers are updating on a regular basis crazy posts and beautiful pictures with them in a new place in order to calm their travel bug.

After seeing all these professional looking websites, with professionally written guides or reviews, I wondered if I could do it myself. And my answer came naturally “of course, why not?”, since it’s me doing all the planning every time we travel in a new location.

Sometimes the planning process is easy and all information is one click away. But there are some destinations for which even a new blogger will have something interesting to write.

Beautiful Toshogu close-up from our day-trip to Nikko, travel bug
Toshogu Shrine in Nara, Japan
engineer job paris - travelsofplushy travel blog
A day at work

The job

Before Japan, the struggle of defining what’s the purpose of my life was real and the trip to Japan changed that perspective for me. Today my new passion, writing about our travels, brings me joy and keeps me motivated between travels. I’m more conscious towards the destination and try to find as much as I can about their culture before going.

Even though I have to juggle between fixed schedules and the need to go exploring, for the moment I feel that I can achieve anything.

I could not trade my career for full time travels, because the challenges of my job keep me motivated to learn more, discover more and always keep improving myself as an engineer.

So just to let you know, I am a full-time engineer working in Aeronautics as a researcher, analyzing the black box data coming from airplanes, in a French startup based in Paris.

The financial aspect

Another important aspect for not wanting to go full time world explorer is the financials. Coming from a poor family and country, the only chances I got to travel outside my country were when I got into college. Thanks to my good grades I could go in Erasmus exchanges and summer schools across Europe. As previously mentioned, it was only when I became a full time engineer that I could afford the big trip to Japan.

My job offers me the financial means to afford traveling. It comes with restrictions (limited payed holidays, fixed schedule), but I’d rather take this option and work in a challenging domain. In addition to that I can enjoy traveling and blogging like full time hobbies.

My job offers me the financial stability for the future. In US you are contributing yourself to a 401 account for when you’re old (or something like that), while in Europe you have to work your ass off hard and not have holes in your CV. Having a job means contributing to pension, unemployment income, social welfare, and many other taxes, but you are able to receive back when you find yourself in a bad posture (unemployed).

The reason I created a travel blog

It was only recently that I found out my urge to go traveling has a name. Ever since I started introducing myself to blogging, – although it is relieving to know I’m not alone, – I find that everyone overuses this term. For me it’s not just a travel bug, it’s my purpose! This is also the reason I’ve created my travel blog.

Now I know I want to travel more, and 2016 came with a resolution. I made this pledge to myself: let’s wander more!

In less than a year we went to:

  • Warsaw,
  • Venice,
  • Stockholm,
  • saw more of France, especially the Loire Valley,
  • went in an awesome adventure on one of the French Caribbean Islands, in Martinique,
  • we visited Copenhagen at the end of May,
  • explored Mallorca for best rock climbing spots,
  • and continued our journey through French cities and regions like Alsace, Grenoble, Lyon, Dijon
  • and many more to follow.
Our Saviour Church Tower viewed from Christiania, travel bug
Our Saviour Church Tower viewed from Christiania, Copenhagen

I hope to inspire you into starting traveling (more) and keep a diary of your adventures as a travel blog, because everything is so beautiful when we are discovering new places and everything begins to fall into place when we take action for what we want.

What is your reason to travel? How is your travel bug called? Do you keep a travel blog?

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