Rocket Ariane at Paris Air Show 2017 | Last week industry's actors met in Paris at Paris Air Show. During weekend, all Aviation Geeks were invited, as the air show continued for general public.

Welcome to Paris Air Show 2017

I have arrived on the tarmac. Aircrafts and people everywhere. The sun is up on the sky, heating even more the atmosphere. This is THE EVENT of the year for Aviation Industry. Monday to Friday all industry’s actors are meeting here to discover and to be discovered by their peers. During weekend, all Aviation Geeks are invited, as the air show continues for general public.

An Aviation Geek at Paris Air Show 2017

But why am I here?

Well, it happens that I work in a promising start up in Aviation, where I contribute to reducing the fuel consumption, thus the flight bill, using Big Data techniques applied on all kinds of data (black box data, weather data, GPS data, and so on).

Today we have a booth and we can present our solutions to the Industry Giants. We propose a solution for airlines to reduce their fuel consumption, airports are also interested in our service to improve airport operations using the available RADAR and weather data, and both airlines and airports can opt in for our solution for risk management.

Rafale presentation Paris Air Show 2017

Flight demonstrations begin

But there’s more than just talking to people and making them discover our projects. What all Aviation Geeks are here to see are the flight demonstration and take souvenir of them.

There’s this little aerobatic plane that opens the session. Loopings, free fall and recovery, loopings again – the crowd is enchanted by the pilot’s skill and aircraft’s versatility. It comes and goes, leaving a white trail behind. It does the white trail while free falling and spinning; it’s like it has been damaged!! Impressive show, but the crowd wants more.

I am under this unforgiving sun, waiting for the aircraft that makes me shiver: the fighter jet Rafale! I saw it two years ago for the first time and it made me fell in love with it. It’s only a fighter jet, they said. Yes, but it’s that kind of jet that can brake the sound barrier; it didn’t do that, but if it did I think we would have been all deaf. But you know what else it can do? It does loopings and turns, when it passes over your head it cracks the sky with its powerful engine – this sound that gives me goose bumps. There comes the Rafale! I take out my hat, fix my zoom and try not to lose the jet. I’m trying to keep up with my camera; not bad, actually!

The next three demos are dedicated to Airbus fans: A320 Neo, A350 and finally, the humongous A380. The show is impressive: heavier than air, with a considerable volume aircrafts gliding over our heads at very low altitude.

Airbus family demonstration Paris Air Show 2017

Meet the innovative start ups in aviation

As I mentioned before, my start up offers software solutions for Aviation Industry. But here it’s much more than that. Start ups are here to get known and obtain support from the industry. Among the most unusual inventions I came across at Paris Air Show, I kept only 3 of them to present them here.

Virtual reality mask

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet at Paris Air Show 2017

There are quite a few of them, actually, but what I want to talk to you about is the VR mask that emulates Thomas Pesquet’s spatial mission. Thomas is a French astronaut who spent the last 6 months living on the International Space Station.

I tried these googles myself. They put me on a spinning chair and gave me the googles and the headset. They hit play and the magic began! I was there, on a chair, before the control panel of the Space Ship. From here I can see the Earth, our blue earth is beautiful. I see the Nordic Lights, they’re green and even more impressive from up here. I spin on my chair to see in the Space Ship; it’s big, but empty. I realize: here it’s only me and I’m here alone for the next 6 months.

Would you do it? Would you become an astronaut and spend months alone in space?

Drone for humans

The next invention that got my attention is this huge drone with three propellers around.

Why am I wearing a skirt today?! People come to test the drone, they climb on top on it and it’s like they were riding a motorbike. There’s a VR google and headset. Once the guide hits play, the machine begins to shake. The person on top is frantically pressing and shaking on the control joystick. Two seconds later I realized there’s a TV with what the rider sees. Oh! If the VR headset is as good as the previous one, he must be high on sensations and emotions on top of that drone, up in the sky.

Finally the machine stops and the rider climbs off with a large grin on his face. Oh, maaan, why did I decide to wear skirt today?

Flying car

The last piece of innovation I’m going to present is this car that comes straight from the future. With a luxurious design, the front looks like a normal race car, with doors sliding up for the passenger. But are those wings?! Hell, yeah! And a landing gear at the back.

This car is in the spotlight and soon ready for take-off. What year is this??

Flying car at Paris Air Show 2017

As I am releasing this post on Monday, for the Monday Morning Coffee series, the Paris Air Show event ended yesterday. Salon du Bourget hosts Paris Air Show every two years, and this was my second time going.

With better knowledge on this field, with more self-education for business world and with a better camera than two years ago, I am proud to say that the event was a success.

For more photos and real-time reactions with respect to events like this, follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Let me know what do you think about my career and about the Paris Air Show event.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Paris Air Show 2017”

  1. First of all, you’ve got a really really cool work! I feel lucky to have come across your article it made me see a glimpse of what would be cool in the future. Flying cars!!! And i feel so sad you wore skirt that day

    1. Travelberries,
      Thanks for stopping by. Indeed, my field offers these great experiences, that’s why I find difficult the idea of switching from my career to full time blogger.
      Anyway, for the skirt I couldn’t do much, as I had to adopt a more business look. But I would’ve enjoyed that ride in the drone for humans.

      Ana 🙂

  2. This looks exciting! The flying car looks like a wild ride. I seriously can’t wait for the day when we can drive flying cars down the street.

  3. That flying car looks awesome! There’s an old school version of that at the Museum of Flight in Seattle that is always a hit with visitors! We love all things airplane (well, at least BOEING airplane) and this event looks so fascinating!

  4. This looks so exciting! I didn’t start paying attention to what aircraft I was getting on until this year, admittedly, despite all my travels. Now I notice the differences between them a little more, especially regarding the size!


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