First half day of our Bago adventure

Definitely Bago was the most original part of our trip to Myanmar, as it’s not really tourists’ priority, thus kept some of its authentic charm. In a previous post I was leaving you on the note that we took the train from Yangon to Bago. Now it’s time to tell you how we got there and what happened in the first half day in Bago. The Bago adventure begins!

Quick guide to visit Piraeus

Piraeus, located at only 20 minutes by subway from Athens, is a city of major importance for Greece, but not promoted for tourism. Despite this fact, here’s why you should visit Piraeus.

Improve figure drawings in 7 steps

My number one difficulty when started my comic book project was not the story line, the style for the characters, not even clothing or environment. It was drawing my characters in different positions. So I needed to research methods to improve figure drawings, that now I share with you.

Find a flat in France using these tips

It’s been a while now I haven’t talked about my expat life. A subject I’ve wanted to cover for a longtime is apartment rental for France. As I’ve been in this situation when I moved to France, I decided it is time to regroup all my useful links and advice in a post on how to find a flat in France.

The most beautiful hiking trails in Martinique

Martinique, one of the French Islands in the Caribbean Sea, is a must see destination that’s available at any time of the year. With a tropical warm climate, this island is ready to welcome you whenever you are ready.

Today we’ll present some of our favourite hiking trails in Martinique. Enjoy!

How much things cost in Myanmar

If you are preparing for a visit to Southeast Asia, and you want to budget your destination, it’s possible that you also asked yourself How much things cost in Myanmar?. Well, don’t worry, this post is just for you.

Visit Amiens, the Venice town of France

Last weekend we got to visit a surprisingly beautiful and underrated town; we got to visit Amiens, France. Located within 2 hours drive North from Paris, this town was a very pleasant discovery.

Continue reading to discover why you should visit Amiens.

Discover the 7 lessons learned in a startup

After almost 3 years of working in a startup, I felt I was in a burnout phase. There are times when it’s not easy. There are several lessons learned in a startup, but not all of them paint the perfect world of a startup. Discover now what working in a startup means.

Three lessons that made me a better artist

It’s been a looongtime since I have thought about sharing my art on my travel blog. Last year I’ve participated in my first painting exhibition in Paris Area, and that kept me going. Made me want to learn more and create more. Today I decided this post will FINALLY be about my plastic art hobby and I will share with you three lessons that made me a better artist.

Redefining target audience with these simple blog changes

For the past several months, since I’ve released Travels of Plushy in order to share my travels with my family and friends, I struggled to understand all the work I need to put into my blog. Because writing blog posts is not only about narrating something and hit Publish. So naturally, today I will tell you about my blog changes that will take effect starting on Monday.

36 hours in Yangon: Arriving in Myanmar

After having prepared this trip to Myanmar for about a whole year, I knew it was the best period to visit: the dry “cold” season. Discover how we spend the first part of our 36 hours in Yangon.

Visit Avignon, the Papal State in France

I have lived in France for about 4 years, and it’s not until our recent weekend to Avignon that I’ve discovered the importance of this beautiful town. Discover why you have to visit Avignon, the French Papal State.

What you need to know before going to Myanmar

Preparing for a travel adventure in an unknown land can be stressful, mainly because sometimes, the information that we need is not available on the internet. Continue reading to find more about what you need to know before traveling to Myanmar.

What you need to prepare for your Myanmar travel

When planing for Myanmar, I was overwhelmed by the lack of information about certain subjects, like documents, money and attractions to visit, so I decided I should cover them myself in a post.

Today I present some of these aspects, so here’s what you need to prepare for your Myanmar travel.