Welcome to the Lifestyle Section

In this part of my blog, things go a little personal, thus I structured them under the following categories:

Artist Life

As one of my other passions is drawing and painting, it is more than necessary to have a section about it. I will post articles with some of the drawings and write about how inspiration came, my expositions and visiting a new place thanks to this hobby.

Blogging Life

Here I share tips and how-to in order to improve your knowledge about WordPress, photography, social media, SEO, and more. As the learning process is trial-and-error based, I will keep my posts updated.

Expat Life

In this section I share my opinion on certain areas from the view point of a foreigner living in France. I cover subjects such as taxes, papers, strikes – as they seem to be a feature of France’s culture, and not only.

Startup life

I hesitated between engineer life and startup life for this section, but I think it’s more interesting to share my impressions about working in a startup in France. Going a new place to meet clients or participate in an event? I’ve got that covered! Some advice might be shared in the posts, and I will also write about my day-to-day job, as is the valid reason I don’t go full time traveling.