Join KAYAK Ambassador Programme and grow as a blogger

Let’s get a little serious about this travel blogging passion and discuss something with you, my fellow travel bloggers. This post concerns you directly, as today I’ll talk about why I chose to join Kayak Ambassador Programme. Kayak Ambassadors Programme is a special programme imagined by Kayak, which helps bloggers and travelers to grow their online presence and win vouchers, get discounts and other interesting gigs.
Let’s break this down in a QA type of post to help you understand and decide if this programme is for you. If you too want to become a Kayak Ambassador, here’s how!

Join Kayak Ambassador Programme

What is Kayak?

Kayak is a global tech company that aims at improving your traveling experience, by proposing services like flight comparison, trips recommendations, price forecast tools and a never ending wanderlust through their blog section called Magazines.

What are the jobs at Kayak?

There are several ways to work or collaborate with Kayak.
  • Jobs board – you will find directly on the website’s Career section, all the listing of the vacancies. Whether you are in the USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, UK, Lithuania and Germany, you sure have a chance to discover Kayak’s multicultural side in one of their world wide offices.
  • Kayak affiliation – for companies and/or travel agencies, Kayak proposes an affiliation programme
  • Kayak Ambassador Programme – for wanderlusters and travelers, bloggers or regular people with Social Media presence, Kayak offers the possibility to join them in the Kayak Ambassador Programme
Travels of Plushy in Myanmar, at the Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon

What is the Kayak Ambassador Programme?

This programme is specially conceived such that you will have the impression it’s a game. The idea is to complete Challenges, and get reward points and earn badges in order to redeem actual rewards.


The Challenges are your option, you can only choose those adapted for you, or all. Some of the challenges I’ve come across are:
  • filling in your ambassador profile
  • contributing to the forums and discussion between the Ambassadors
  • writing a themed blog post on your blog
  • creating a themed video
  • sharing Kayak Magazines on Twitter
  • give tips on a given destination
  • share a selfie or a panorama on your Ambassador profile

Some Challenges do not have reward points, but they will help you earn badges.

Reward points

With enough Reward Points you can redeem your rewards.

The rewards are specially made to help improve your blogging knowledge and techniques in this area. An ambassador with enough points can choose from any Social Media Platform webinars, participate in online trainings, or in person workshops across Europe.

Some rewards consists of free conferences or event tickets to help extend your network and express yourself in these events in order to gain experience and become a well-known influencer.

There are also some other traveling perks that include vouchers on airlines like Iberia or Vueling. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Of course, Kayak wants to welcome you and reward you for your hard work. If you want to be surprised when you redeem your points, just opt for the Kayak Surprise Package.


The more Challenges you’ll complete, the more badges you’ll earn, hence unlocking even more challenges.

How do I join?

Just click to join KAYAK Ambassadors Programme and submit your application.

If you need more info, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

As part of the Kayak Ambassador Programme, I will write blog posts on themes that interest Kayak readers too. For these special posts I will share on Travels of Plushy I will mention they are written in collaboration with Kayak, therefore everything will be transparent for you.

Discovering Abiquiu Lake in New Mexico, USA

Let your adventure begin! Join KAYAK Ambassador Programme today!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links. If you choose to apply at this programme comes at no extra-cost for you, but I will receive some reward points.

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12 thoughts on “Join KAYAK Ambassador Programme and grow as a blogger”

    1. One month or more now. I have already been able to contribute to the community and participate in webinars for growing IG.
      Other platforms will be presented soon.

  1. I think I used Kayak many years ago to track the arrival of a flight. Good to see the company encouraging travel writers and bloggers by offering relevant exposure and opportunities. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for your support, Mala!
      I actually use several services to compare flights, plan my travel, seek inspiration and so on. But only Kayak offered me the chance to grow with them.

    1. Hey, Jessica!
      Not exactly. Kayak proposes challenges on different subjects and once you’ve written a post you submit it and they will share it on their social media as a “testimonial”.
      I will re-reply once I’ve posted it myself so you can have a hint on how it looks like.

  2. Wow i never knew this program existed. I will surely check this out. It seems like an interesting program for travel bloggers.

  3. Wow- I had no idea that a programme like this existed! This is great for travel bloggers ~ very comprehensive! I can see how it would help grow a travel entrepreneur’s “business.”

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