Afford time to travel with a full time job

How to afford traveling with full time job

A full time job has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to traveling. Today I’ll be pointing out the limitations and give you tips on how to get the most of your trips while managing the limited holidays available. Check the following tips in order to afford traveling with full time job.

Afford traveling with full time job

Being an engineer in a startup in Aviation field comes with rewards and challenges. My number challenge I have to deal with is finding time to travel. I have half the paid leave my partner has, so he gets to take week long rock climbing trips with his friends.

Estret rock climbing in Mallorca
Rémi rock climbing in Mallorca

Go in city-breaks for the weekend

Today is easy and affordable to visit a city in a different country if you are living in a country of eastern Europe. But you need to plan it well and in advance.

Chase that airline promotion and go somewhere new with a cheap ticket.

  • we visited Venice for 8€ round-trip for two!!

We also reached some awesome European cities like:

  • Copenhagen in Denmark – awesome city with lots of bikes and expensive food
  • Stockholm in Sweden – another expensive city where we discovered the roots of the vikings
  • Warsaw in Poland – cute Polish city, decorated for Christmas, as we visited in December

Tip:  Traveling with full time job requires planning in advance.

Nihavn Canals in Copenhagen
Nihavn Canals in Copenhagen, Denmark

Visit cities in your country for the weekend

This is my favourite getaway for visiting France, because I can benefit of local transportation fares, promotions and fidelity advantages. Above all it’s a great way of getting in touch with friends and family while (re)discovering the places.

Last summer we visited the grandparents in Noirmoutier, a place on the French Atlantic Coast where the main road gets flooded by a tide between 1.3 and 4 meters.

We also discovered places like:

  • Nantes – a French city with mechano-animals
  • Reims – well-known for its cathedral
  • Amiens – that surprised us with its picturesque canals
  • Dijon – cute town of mustard (lol, there are better things than that!)
  • Lyon – one of my favourite French cities

Tip: Explore your backyard can be a good option for traveling with full time job.

Discovering France: Belvedere point in Lyon
Discovering France: Belvedere point in Lyon

Combine work with travels

Since you desire traveling with full time job, make effort to get in touch with your clients, call back costumers regarding their problems. Go manage their software or hardware problems, create a training course, make a presentation of a new solution or project. Show them why they should pay for your time, your stay and information you could potentially provide.

If you are not a costumer relation manager or support engineer, then you might want to look for new conferences, participate in scientific world and get to travel there.

It’s like this that I was able to visit Toulouse and the Castle of Carcassonne.

Tip: Take advantage of your workplace to visit clients and costumers in their place.

Admiring the view of the fortress of Carcassonne
Standing next to the battlements of Carcassonne fortress

Combine your professional activity with weekend days

If you have to go in a business trip like one presented above, make sure they are either starting on Monday or finishing on Friday. This way the transportation costs are covered, but you get to enjoy 1-2 extra days your destination.

Eventually you will only need to pay for a night or two from your pocket, but wouldn’t that be a waste if you didn’t go for it?

My partner gets to participate in way more conferences than me since he’s in a scientific environment on research. When he had to attend presentations or intervene in the conference during the week, I only tagged along on the weekend.

We were able to visit places like:

  • Lorient – a French city on the Atlantic Coast known for Eric Tabarly, greatest sail man of France
  • Bordeaux – perfect for a casual wine sip for the weekend
  • Grenoble – the capital of the French Alps

Tip: Make sure that your business trip either starts on a Monday or ends on a Friday, this way you can visit for the weekend.

Best view on Grenoble, Bastille
Best view on Grenoble, Bastille

Plan a long weekend on national holidays

Usually the national holidays that are on Friday or Monday are the best, and still works for me if they are on Tuesday or Thursday, as for only 1 day of paid leave I can enjoy a 4 days trip.

National holidays on Wednesdays are the worst, but use them for a day trip somewhere close, or get some rest.

What I love the most of these looong weekends is that we can actually visit more of the region instead of just one city. So far we’ve took advantage of this for visiting:

Tip: National holidays are perfect for traveling with  full time job.

Fougères Castle | A walk on the battlements of the fortress
A walk on the battlements of the Castle of Fougères

Go in a 1-2-3 weeks holiday a year

Combine your vacation days with national holidays. Go somewhere exotic, go where the climate suits you even if it’s summer time or winter time in your country.

Check your destination’s tourist season, check the weather and the advice from fellow travelers and plan the trip of the year. Go enjoy your 3 week stay and come back renew, refreshed, rejuvenated.

So far we’ve been in:

Tip: Group multiple national holidays and go explore a new country for 3 weeks.

Myanmar: Travels of Plushy in Yangon, at the Shwedagon Pagoda. A helpful guide to help you plan your trip to Myanmar
Discovering Yangon and its Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar

Make your colleagues jealous of you for being able of traveling with full time job, because you

  • are frugal with your days,
  • think smart with planning it in advance,
  • are practical by saving every day by not buying a meal or coffee every day,
  • prefer apéro at your place instead fancy happy-hours bars and restaurants.

Afford time for traveling with full time job - Pin - A full time job has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to traveling. Today I'll be pointing out the limitations and give you tips on how to get the most of your trips while managing the limited holidays available. Here's how to afford traveling with full time job!

Are you a traveler with a full time job? How do you manage traveling with full time job?
Is it easy to juggle this schedule?
Share your experience in the comment section.

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