If you are preparing for a visit to Southeast Asia, and you want to budget your destination, it's possible that you also asked yourself How much things cost in Myanmar?. Well, don't worry, this post is just for you.

How much things cost in Myanmar

If you are preparing for a visit to Southeast Asia, and you want to budget your destination, it’s possible that you also asked yourself How much things cost in Myanmar?. Well, don’t worry!Trip to Myanmar: Bagan - Royal Palace

Here’s how much things cost in Myanmar in the beginning of the tourist season 2016-2017. I had a hard time finding reliable information before going, so that’s why I made a compilation of how much basic things cost.

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Please consult Myanmar bucketlist for a quick inspiration.

How much things cost in Myanmar

So now let us begin with this information about prices in Myanmar. Notice that I have split the tables into Basic products, which refer to the price of day-to-day products you will need or use while in Myanmar. The other section refers to Tourist products, which presents how much do tourist services cost.

Basic products’ cost

Bottle of water 1.5L300-500 Kyats
Fried rice/noodles 1,500-3,000 Kyats
Tuk-tuk in Bago200 Kyats/ person / ride
Bottle of beer 70cl2,000 Kyatsin the store
Public toilet300 Kyatsalmost inexistent. Found this one in a market on Inle Lake
Pagoda tax on camera250-1,000 Kyats
International mail stamp500 KyatsAmazingly cheap!!!
Longgyi3,000-10,000 KyatsDepending on place and quality of the material
Fresh fruit juice1,000-2,500 KyatsIncluding avocado, banana, watermelon, or even a whole coconut

Please note that the day-to-day prices are very affordable. These products will cost you the same as it cost for a local. There’s no catch.

Trip to Myanmar: Bagan area

Tourist products’ cost

In contrast to the previous section’s prices, these activity and/or services are specially priced for tourists. Unless you have a Myanmar friend, or you are already an expatriate in Myanmar in order to know what are the prices for the locals, you will pay more or less the prices listed below. Here’s how much things cost in Myanmar for tourist activities.

Taxi from Yangon Airport to Downtown8 $USD / 8,000 Kyats
Train from Yangon to Bago 600-1,000 Kyats/ person for the regular seat
Visit pass for Bago 10,000 Kyats
Tuk-tuk in Bago200 Kyats/ person / ride
Shared taxi from Bago to Golden Rock7,000 Kyats/ person / one way (4 persons / taxi)
Tuk-tuk up the mountain to Golden Rock2,000 Kyats/ person / one way
Entrance fee to Golden Rock Pagoda 6,000 Kyats
Bus from Bago to Mandalay15 $USD
Taxi from the bus station outside Mandalay to Downtown7,000 KyatsAsk the price in advance and don’t accept if it’s way more expensive than this; at the hotel the taxi service fare for this route was listed at 6,500 Kyats.
Visit pass for Mandalay10,000 KyatsIt is not mandatory, but you cannot visit some of the pagodas you’d like; there’s no special entry fee if you don’t have this pass.
Taxi from the hotel (downtown Mandalay) to the boat station3,000 KyatsFor the departures for Mingun
Ferry to Mingun   5,000 KyatsFor round trip / person
Tuk-tuk in Mandalay200 Kyats/ person / in the market area
Scooter rental hotel Mandalay15,000 Kyats/ day (suitable for 2 persons)
Boat to Inwa (Ava/Awa)1,200 Kyats/ round trip / person
Taxi visit around Sagaing (from Mandalay)21,000 Kyatsfor half day
Local bus from Sagaing to Monywa3,000 Kyats/ person / one way
Entry fee to the Powin Caves2,500 Kyats/ person
Tuk-tuk from hotel in Monywa to the bus station1,000 Kyats/ person
Scooter rental hotel Monywa10,000 Kyats/ day (max. 8 hours, suitable for 2 persons)
Local bus from Monywa to Nyaung U (Bagan)2,500 Kyats/ person
Pass Bagan 22 $USDMandatory. Your bus/taxi/car will stop in order for you to purchase the pass. You cannot avoid the fee and you shouldn’t. It’s bad! When you visit a place it’s only normal to pay. Your money will help to maintain all of the 4,000 pagodas and payas and temples in Bagan. This place needs your money, especially after the earthquake from August 2016, when a large number of monuments have been affected and need reparations.
Taxi from the bus station (outside Bagan) to:
Nyaung U
New Bagan
Old Bagan

5,000 Kyats
7,000 Kyats
8,000 Kyats

 (max. 2 persons / ride)
Electric scooter rental hotel Bagan6,000 Kyats/ day (suitable for 2 persons). Autonomy of 40-50 km.
Shared taxi day trip to Mt. Popa (from Bagan) 8,000 Kyats/ person. Mini-tour organized by almost all ho(s)tels, using third-parties persons as taxi drivers. We were disappointed by this service. Maybe I’ll detail later if I feel like.
Bus from Bagan to Kalaw11,000 Kyats/ person
Trek Kalaw to Inle 3 days (Ever Smile agency)40,000 Kyats/ person / trek (meals and accommodation, transfer by boat to Nyaungshwe included, water not included)
Trek Kalaw to Inle 2 days (Ever Smile agency)32,000 Kyats/ person / trek
Visit pass for Inle Lake12,500 Kyats / 10 $USDMandatory. Your trekking itinerary passes through check-points (at the entry of Inle area) in order for you to purchase the pass. You cannot avoid the fee and you shouldn’t. It’s bad! When you visit a place it’s only normal to pay. Your money will help to maintain a clean lake. With the raise of the number of tourists, more and more efforts are needed to maintain Inle Lake. You will see almost everywhere billboards from the society that filters the lake’s water. They need your money.
Shared boat trip around the Lake40,000 Kyats/ 2 days / 2 persons (but in a boat with 3 other persons). During the Fulll Moon festival in November prices are at least double, so we paid a lot more than usual (maybe for a private boat around 10000 Kyat / day / 2 persons)
Rent-a-bike in Nyaungshwe (Inle Lake area)1,500 Kyats/ day
VIP night bus from Inle to Yangon19,000 Kyats

Taxi in Myanmar


We spent almost three weeks in Myanmar, so we were able to gather all this information by ourselves.

Please note that the listed prices were exact for the beginning of the tourist season 2016-2017. Prices in this country change rapidly, therefore we are not liable for any misadventures you might have for not budgeting correctly your trip.

Also note that prices spike around annual festivals and local celebrations.

Our expenses

During our trip in Myanmar, we(my bf and I)’ve visited seven regions:How much things cost in Myanmar: Expenses per region/city

  • Yangon
  • Bago
  • Mandalay
  • Monywa
  • Bagan
  • Trekked from Kalaw to Inle Lake
  • Inle Lake area

I spent months researching prices for every region, and believe me, the more touristy the region, the more it will cost you to stay and visit that area. This is true especially for Bagan and Inle area. And I’ll go even farther with this affirmation, telling you that the prices will be even higher if you’re there during annual festivals.

We were in Inle area for the Full Moon festival in Taunggyi, therefore the prices for the boat rental were 3-4 times higher than normal.

Here’s how much things cost in Myanmar per category:

[How much things cost in Myanmar] Expenses per category

Please note that the two diagrams show the total price (for two people) we’ve paid during almost 3 weeks visit.

I hope you will find this post useful. Please let me a feedback in the comment section if you liked this informational post (so I will know for later destinations).
Cheers and safe travels!

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