Attending my first painting exposition Paris Area

My first painting exposition in Paris Area

Travelling usually happens on a planned schedule, in advance researched region, and after wanderlusting over it for at least a short period, like for Japan or some destinations in France. But not this time! Now it was time to visit my backyard: I was participating at my first painting exposition in Paris Area!!!

As a wannabe artist, taking painting classes in the Conservatory of Fine Arts in Paris Area, the opportunity of taking part in painting exposition came from nowhere and I took it!

I attended my first painting exposition!

It happened several months back, when I was looking for wannabe artists like me, not necessarilly professionals, to make contacts and organize drawing or painting sessions in Paris. I stumbled across a website with lots of future expositions which were calling for artists to expose. One of them was in Paris area, so I contacted them.

Nothing simpler! For only 10€ fee, I could bring 6 of my paintings to be exposed! I was so happy, it was like a dream-I-never-dared-to-dream came true!

On a Friday afternoon I asked for half a day off from office, to go to install my paintings. The organizer greeted me and waited for me. He helped me with the materials and I thanked him. I felt so proud to see my painting hung up in the exposition hall!

Painting Exposition Hall - presenting my artworks at my first exposition in Paris Area

After that I went for a half an hour walk across the town, sat on the rivers of the Seine, admired the view and contemplated at my luck. It was joy and wonder and questions coming through my head all at once. I was in an exiled village, not very close to Paris, closer to Giverny, the town of Claude Monet, a French Impressionist painter.

Is everybody here feeling like this?

Back to the exposition room, opening ceremony with champagne and crackers. Every person there was  an artist. I was among them and for the first time I felt somewhat officially being an artist.

Attending my first painting exposition in Paris Area

Even now, some time after the event and I’m still happy about it and grateful for the opportunity.

Next week I’ll be presenting some insights of my recent trip to the United States. Check Travels of Plushy again on Wednesday for fresh entries!

So what is your passion? Is it something that involves a creation process? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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