First children’s book: “My winter holidays”

I hope 2018 finds you well! I have a present for you! My first children’s book “My winter holidays” is now online. Let me know what you think!

As mentioned in my last week’s post, I want to become a freelance illustrator. My journey starts small, as I’m only discovering this field.

Plushy’s first illustration book

From month’s project to illustration book

During the entire month of December 2017 I worked on an illustration project called Winter Holidays. I chose this theme, because anyone can relate to winter sports, winter holidays and good times with family.
At first there were the illustrations, and somewhere mid-December I decided to link them all and wrap them in a story. Hence, last weekend, among last minute preparations for New Year’s Eve, my husband and I worked on the story.

I have to tell you, the story is fun and surprising. Written by R. And even though I already had the puzzle pieces, he managed to reorder the illustrations and to put them into words.

Personal approach to improving my skills

Today I have finished the layout. It’s not the prettiest design I’ve seen, nor designed. But for now I have resolved it to post it anyway, since it’s my NY’s resolution.

Let me explain myself.

I want to stop aiming for perfect, as such abstract idea does not exist and only keeps us from improving. I want my first book to be bad and ugly. And the second one. And the third a little better. I want to learn through trial and error and grow from your feedback. This way, when eventually I have the chance to publish it for real, I would have already experienced criticism and tried several design ideas, and would have learned how to better scan my illustrations.

What’s next: another children’s book

I’ll think of a way to have every children’s book in English, French and maybe Romanian. When I’ll have those in the other languages, I’ll update and (re)promote this post.

In January I will continue the daily illustrations. This month’s theme, chosen by you, on Facebook, is Forest Animals. Each month I will work on a new project and by the end of the month I’ll have a new illustration book.

Let me know what you think, in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “First children’s book: “My winter holidays””

    1. Thanks, Dorulet!
      I’m working on it.
      This month (January 2018) I’ll make illustrations with Forest Animals. I hope it will end up an interesting story too.
      And maybe in English too :))

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