9 fairy tale cities in France to consider in 2017

You’re still undecided where to head in 2017? I’ve got a selection of perfect places for you: fairy tale cities in France to consider in 2017!

The year 2016 was definitely a year for exploring more! Aside of our trips all around the world, in Europe, America and Asia, we’ve also discovered more of France. Today I propose you a photo tour, with a selection of the fairy tale cities to discover in 2017.

Fairy tale cities in France to consider in 2017

1. Dijon

Located in the eastern France, Dijon is one of the most under-rated cities of France. Dijon has beautiful free museums, parks and protected area for local fauna and flora, and is filled with history. I bet you didn’t hear much about Dijon, but just take a look!

Fairy tale cities in France to consider in 2017: Dijon. Reasons to visit Dijon, France - rooftop view over Dijon
Rooftop view over Dijon, France, from Philippe le Bon Tower

2. Lyon

For Lyon it was love at first sight. Located in the heart of France, in central eastern region, this city knows how to surprise its visitors with its Roman charm.

Fairy tale cities in France to consider in 2017: Lyon
High point over Lyon, France, from La Croix-Rousse hill

3. Grenoble

Described by Stendhal as the city where At the end of each street there’s a mountain, it made me curious. The thing is, Grenoble is planted in the heart of the French Alps, so whether you want to hike in the summer, or sky in the winter, this is the perfect destination for you as well.

Fairy tale cities in France to consider in 2017: Best view on Grenoble, Bastille
Best view on Grenoble, France, Bastille hill

4. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region, a place that inherited the best traditions and architecture from both France and Germany. The best thing about Strasbourg, beside well-known facts as the most beautiful Christmas market, or the best historic quarter called Little France, there is also the potential to explore the whole Alsace region.

To reach pretty places like Colmar or the Haut-Kœnisbourg Castle, it takes only 15-20 minutes by train.

Fairy tale cities in France to consider in 2017: Strasbourg [Travels of Plushy - about me]
Scenic view on Strasbourg, France, from Notre Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral

5. Colmar

And since we’re here, I have to tell you to stop day-dreaming about fairy tale cities, because they are true. You only have to go to Colmar.

A perfect day in Colmar looks like this!

6. Blois

To change a little your perspective, but still remain in the fairy tale cities of France, I propose you The Loire Valley.

Blois is a charming town on the Loire Valley, that will take you back to the los epochs. Grab a plan of the town and go exploring by foot! Now!

View on Saint Nicholas Church from the interior court of Blois Castle

7. Amboise

Another picturesque cute town on Loire Valley is Amboise, with its imposing castle, right on the rivers of Loire. Look down on the main street, and you’ll discover a cozy atmosphere.

Miniature town as seen from the Amboise Castle, France

8. Lorient

If you want the Atlantic French Coast, the Brittany region is the best choice for you. Furthermore, after discovering this hidden gem called Lorient, I can’t just keep it to myself, so I’m recommeding you to visit this city in 2017.

This is not a scene from a movie, it’s Lorient, as we found it during our hike on the coast

9. Carcassonne

Carcassonne, a medieval fortified town overflowing with history, awaits you at 1h drive from Toulous, in southern France. Visit Carcassone and you’ll not regret it, it’s a walk back in time!


Admiring the view of the fortress of Carcassonne
Standing next to the battlements of Carcassonne fortress

You’re still undecided where to head in 2017? Do you have favorite fairy tale cities in France? How about in your own country? Share them in the comments!

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  1. I didn’t know even half of them before reading your post. France is a magnificent country I need to visit ASAP!

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