Discover castle of Vitré in France

The best part of living in Paris area is definitely being able to visit cities and towns around. As I mentioned in my post with tips for traveling with a full time job, my favourite way of traveling is during the weekend. In a new recent visit we got to discover the castle of Vitré.

Discovering Bretagne: Day trip to castle of Vitré

Visit Vitré a picturesque town in Bretagne

When we visited Fougères, we had the chance to find out about this small city of Vitré.

Located at less than 50 km from Rennes, Vitré sure knows how to surprise visitors. The main pedestrian areas were so beautifully decorated, it felt like a carnival. Huge flower pots ornate the sidewalks, complementing the beauty of the architecture.

We loved the timber framed houses of Vitré

With a rich picturesque architecture, Vitré made us fell instantly in love. The timber framed houses covered our heads when we’d stroll down the narrow alleys.

And the passageways under the houses

From time to time we’d come across houses build over the sidewalks. Walking under these passageways was like stepping out in another epoch.

But the most important attraction: the castle of Vitré!

I didn’t think that after the castle of Fougères there’d be another castle to impress me, but definitely the Castle of Vitré should be underestimated either.

The castle’s main entrance is imposing and quietly keeps an eye on the town of Vitré.

Take a breath in the nature

There’s a small river called La Vilaine (the she villain – in English). Take a moment for yourself to recharge your batteries and replenish with clean air from nature.

Admire the peculiar monuments and places all over Vitré

And when you think your visit is ready, you still find some peculiar monuments in Vitré. I don’t know whether they’re ruins or if they have a significance, but they will catch your eye – or your camera!

  • this monument/ruin gate pillar

  • this parking lot that looks like a castle

  • these crooked buildings and the one on the right that has “scales” all over the walls

  • this odd house

  • this improvised garden

Anyway, just have a break here, on this terrace with a view

…before departing. By the way, this is the train station.

Bottom line: Vitré is a beautiful, colourful town, with picturesque houses. Even though the Castle of Vitré is not as grandiose as the Castle of Fougères, the combination of all these elements, makes Vitré worthy for your time and visit.


Did you enjoy Vitré? Do you like the timber framed houses? What about the Castle of Vitré?
Isn’t Bretagne beautiful? Come to France!
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