7 lessons learned in a startup

Artist Q&A: becoming a freelance illustrator

If you’ve been around for while, you know that sometime I share my art on Travels of Plushy. I am very excited about having launched my side career as a freelance illustrator! Today I’m answering some of the questions people keep asking me, in this artist Q&A that I will update when needed.

Improve figure drawings figurine

Improve figure drawings in 7 steps

My number one difficulty when started my comic book project was not the story line, the style for the characters, not even clothing or environment. It was drawing my characters in different positions. So I needed to research methods to improve figure drawings, that now I share with you.

Three art lessons that made me a better artist

Three lessons that made me a better artist

It’s been a looongtime since I have thought about sharing my art on my travel blog. Last year I’ve participated in my first painting exhibition in Paris Area, and that kept me going. Made me want to learn more and create more. Today I decided this post will FINALLY be about my plastic art hobby and I will share with you three lessons that made me a better artist.

Travels of Plushy - blog changes

Redefining target audience with these simple blog changes

For the past several months, since I’ve released Travels of Plushy in order to share my travels with my family and friends, I struggled to understand all the work I need to put into my blog. Because writing blog posts is not only about narrating something and hit Publish. So naturally, today I will tell you about my blog changes that will take effect starting on Monday.