Welcome to Paris Air Show 2017

I have arrived on the tarmac. Aircrafts and people everywhere. The sun is up on the sky, heating even more the atmosphere. This is THE EVENT of the year for Aviation Industry. Monday to Friday all industry’s actors are meeting here to discover and to be discovered by their peers. During weekend, all Aviation Geeks are invited, as the air show continues for general public.

Find a flat in France using these tips

It’s been a while now I haven’t talked about my expat life. A subject I’ve wanted to cover for a longtime is apartment rental for France. As I’ve been in this situation when I moved to France, I decided it is time to regroup all my useful links and advice in a post on how to find a flat in France.

Visit Amiens, the Venice town of France

Last weekend we got to visit a surprisingly beautiful and underrated town; we got to visit Amiens, France. Located within 2 hours drive North from Paris, this town was a very pleasant discovery.

Continue reading to discover why you should visit Amiens.

Visit Avignon, the Papal State in France

I have lived in France for about 4 years, and it’s not until our recent weekend to Avignon that I’ve discovered the importance of this beautiful town. Discover why you have to visit Avignon, the French Papal State.

Visit Dijon, an Autumn destination in France

While we all heard about the French coast line Côte d’Azur, with its beautiful beaches and summer resorts, not so many know about Côte d’Or, or French Golden Coast. Today I propose you an Autumn destination: visit Dijon, the capital of Burgundy region.

Plan for a day trip to Carcassonne

If you are in Toulouse, attending a conference in aeronautics (like I have), and want to do tourist stuff for the weekend, or combine working with travel, you can plan a day-trip to Carcassonne. Here’s how!

A day trip to Chambord Castle by bike

It’s been since forever I wanted to visit the castles on the Loire Valley. I always imagined one or two weeks visit from castle to castle, from city to city, by bike. Here’s what to know if you plan a day trip to Chambord by bike.

Guide to a day trip to Mont Saint Michel

A day trip to Mont Saint Michel is very accessible from Paris. Check my quick guide to Mont Saint Michel and book an extra day for discovering Rennes and the local cuisine, the Brittany’s galettes and cider.