First half day of our Bago adventure

Definitely Bago was the most original part of our trip to Myanmar, as it’s not really tourists’ priority, thus kept some of its authentic charm. In a previous post I was leaving you on the note that we took the train from Yangon to Bago. Now it’s time to tell you how we got there and what happened in the first half day in Bago. The Bago adventure begins!

How much things cost in Myanmar

If you are preparing for a visit to Southeast Asia, and you want to budget your destination, it’s possible that you also asked yourself How much things cost in Myanmar?. Well, don’t worry, this post is just for you.

36 hours in Yangon: Arriving in Myanmar

After having prepared this trip to Myanmar for about a whole year, I knew it was the best period to visit: the dry “cold” season. Discover how we spend the first part of our 36 hours in Yangon.

What you need to know before going to Myanmar

Preparing for a travel adventure in an unknown land can be stressful, mainly because sometimes, the information that we need is not available on the internet. Continue reading to find more about what you need to know before traveling to Myanmar.

What you need to prepare for your Myanmar travel

When planing for Myanmar, I was overwhelmed by the lack of information about certain subjects, like documents, money and attractions to visit, so I decided I should cover them myself in a post.

Today I present some of these aspects, so here’s what you need to prepare for your Myanmar travel.

Myanmar bucketlist: a quick inspiration

Yet another country of smiling people, we’ve chosen this destination for our holidays because contrary to its neighbours, Myanmar is not yet invaded by tourists. Discover here my Myanmar bucketlist.