Bucket list

Ever wanted to do something you only see in the movies? Ever wanted to know what if you would have done a scary activity? I do. Often. But what you do doesn’t necessarily need to be scary. It’s time we talk about what I have in mind when I say bucket list.

I have done only one scary thing in my life, but it’s not because I don’t live an adventurous, risky life, that I don’t like it. I hate it when people launch clichés like “get out of your comfort zone” as if uncomfortable actions would define a fully enjoyed life. Especially for responding to those who are keep saying this I decided to write down not-so-scary activities and places to do and see in this life, and that’s how My bucket list for a lifetime was born.

The most crazy thing I did until now is the bungee jump. I survived it. Now, the most crazy thing I can NEVER EVER imagine me doing is to skydive (not even with an instructor). But who knows, maybe circumstances will change my mind.

For now, I have some items an my must-do-in-this-life activities, and they are not scary. Here you go:

Travel bucket list for a lifetime

  1. Bathe with the elephants somewhere in Asia
  2. See the sunset over Old Bagan’s temples 
  3. Scuba dive in the Caribbeans  ✔
  4. Eat sushi for breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market 
  5. See the rice fields in Vietnam
  6. Mirror myself into the Salar of Uyuni
  7. (First, learn how to) Surf in Bali
  8. Have yoga classes in Thailand
  9. Run on the Big Wall of China
  10. Take a selfie with a quokka in Australia
  11. Join a herd of camels in the desert
  12. Do a bungee jump (was NEVER on my bucket-list, but added it since I’ve done it) 
  13. Go in a Safari adventure
  14. Swing at the end of the world in Ecuador
  15. Camp in an igloo
  16. Take a picture of the northern lights
  17. Go through a White Sand Desert
  18. Assist at the biggest Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 
  19. Visit the medival city of Carcassonne in France 
  20. Travel off beaten path in France 
Saint Leu district in Amiens, a French town in North of Paris

Personal objectives

  1. Live in Paris, and have croissants with coffee for breakfast 
  2. Live in Japan
  3. Travel with my Plushy 
  4. Become fluent in Japanese
  5. Master a second language  (and third!) 
  6. Have a travel blog and keep it updated 
  7. Have visible abs – soon…
  8. Become able to do at least a strict pull up
  9. Participate in an art exhibition 
  10. Become a better artist
  11. Learn how to take criticism
  12. Be less introverted
  13. Do more of my passions
  14. Become an entrepreneur
  15. Publish a comic book (manga) – work in progress…
  16. Learn how to cook ramen
  17. Sell (prints of) my artwork

To be continued…

What’s on your bucket list? Share your knowledge in the comments and inspire me too!

How far to accomplishing your bucket list?
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