City-break to Venice, Italy: Black friday with Ryanair

Black Friday sales: Citybreak to Venice

Today I want to share a story of how I traveled for the weekend from Paris to Venice. The plot is I spent only 8€ on plane tickets for a round trip for two persons. The perfect citybreak to Venice thanks to Black Friday sales!

My friends know me as one of the few people that don’t trust flight comparison websites/apps. The main idea for finding cheap tickets is indeed to use these tools in order to get inspired for your destination. After that, you go on the official website and check other possible combinations for your trip. You’d be amazed by the results!

Citybreak to Venice, Italy: Black friday with Ryanair - Venice sunset

Please note that this isn’t a sponsored post, nor do I believe the mentioned airline to be the best low-cost airline ever. I simply relate the facts and stress the importance of keeping an eye open for occasions like this that may arise for Black Friday.

My perfect citybreak to Venice

How I found these cheap tickets?

I’m not into shopping and I dislike especially Black Friday because it’s a PR strategy to lure people into spending  more. Or at least that’s what I thought about. But the last year’s Black Friday was different! Ryanair promoted for a short amount of time plane tickets starting at… 2€!!!

I wasn’t sure about this, I thought there was a catch, but well, 2€ is almost what we pay for a baguette in France. I rushed on their website to check the proposed destinations, and the promotion was massive. Like 2, 4, 8€ flights, with the condition to travel in low season and act fast.

Within 3 minutes I had my city-break tickets for Paris-Venice for 8€ round trip for two! I offered my partner this surprise trip and he loved it! And like him, many people didn’t believe me when I was telling them how much I had payed.

Citybreak to Venice, Italy: Black friday with Ryanair - window seat

Some extra things to consider

For not-knowers, Ryanair is an European low-cost airline that operates between airports outside the cities. Hence we actually flew from Beauvais (a small town near Paris) into Treviso (an airport that’s farther than the Venice’s main airport).

The basic idea is that you need to run your numbers and consider whether paying less but commuting for a longer distance/time is reasonable for the money. In our case it was still about 2-3 time cheaper to pay round trip for two shuttles and travel an average of 30 minutes more for commuting.

Citybreak to Venice, Italy: Black friday with Ryanair - morning in Venice

Welcome to Venice !

Citybreak to Venice, Italy: Black friday with Ryanair

As stated before, this is not a sponsored post. It reflects entirely my experience and I have not been compensated by anyone to write about Ryanair or my citybreak to Venice.

Please be careful when shopping during Black Friday, or any other day. This post is my own experience. Therefore I will not be responsible of anything you do or shop during Black Friday. Or any other day.

Did you ever find an incredible sale for traveling? 
Where did you go and when?
Please write your travel-related Black Friday sale experience in the comment section below.


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