Artist Q&A: becoming a freelance illustrator

If you’ve been around for while, you know that sometime I share my art on Travels of Plushy. I am very excited about having launched my side career as a freelance illustrator! Today I’m answering some of the questions people keep asking me, in this artist Q&A that I will update when needed.

If you want to know what all of this is about, continue reading my artist Q&A.

I am becoming freelance illustrator

Where did it all begin?

My passion for arts lies around kinder-garden period when I was given colored crayons. Then it began to interfere with my uni studies exactly during finals period when I had to draw when I was doing a white night studying for next day’s exam. After that, it gradually grew until today into something I can’t not do. Sometimes drawing feels like an urge I have to give in.

Since I started working I could afford art classes, hence I started dedicating it time and more attention.

Yes, but how did you decide to become a freelance illustrator?

Well, let’s say that painting is difficult and takes time to accomplish a full painting. Whilst drawing is spontaneous, fun, and more easy to do.

Also, since forever ago friends ask me why am I not doing something with my art and my love for art? If they had my skills they’d do this and that. After I gave a thought, I came to the conclusion that they are right! I can do something about it. Therefore I made the conscious decision of becoming a freelance illustrator.

What kind of illustrator are you?

It kept bugging me that I can’t create digital art, that I am not good, that I don’t know how to use Photoshop, and even if I did, the monthly subscription would be too expensive to begin with. Then I found out that you can be an illustrator with traditional art (ie on paper). Ok, let’s try this!

Where do you find your inspiration?

My source of inspiration are my travels. As you can already tell, my Travel Art Project is exactly that: postcard-like illustration from destinations we’ve visited. I’ll keep doing that, because I have material. I also have the main characters: Plushy and I.

What’s your style?

In my Travel Art Project the accent falls mostly on the destination featured. But after spending a while online, analyzing the market (of illustrations), I concluded I needed my characters to be more expressive. Now I’m in the process of developing my own style, my own voice. But doing this, takes time and perseverance. I can only say this: my current style will change.

Where can we find your illustrations?

I already set up the Instagram account where I try post drawings daily. So please make sure you check it up!

I am prepping my portfolio website, so as soon it’s up, I’ll update this artist Q&A and share it with you on Social Media.

What will you do as a freelance illustrator?

That’s a difficult question!

For now I am sharing my drawings and illustrations. I will gather suggestions and recommendations from fellow illustrators and try to up my game.

In the short term, I will work on commissions for friends and family (just send me a message and will discuss anything). When my website is up, I will have a contact detail so that everyone can reach me and ask for a commission. For now you can ask me for commissions personally (via personal email or Facebook message).

In the medium term, I will start pitching editors children’s book ideas.

In the long term, I think an e-shop (Etsy shop) from where you can purchase my illustrations will be an efficient way for everyone to buy existing art. But before doing that, I have to research my suppliers and find the best packaging solution for shipping my articles. Stay tuned!

Do you have an ongoing project?

Like I said, my Travel Art Project is still going and maybe it’ll change in style a little.

During the whole month of December I made illustrations on Winter Holidays theme and posted them on Instagram.

January was a bit of disappointment for me, as I haven’t been able to keep up the pace with daily illustrations. The chosen theme (Forest Animals Project – see right) was a bit too constraining.

So in February I have decided to be more relaxed about it and just draw whatever comes to my mind. Thus the Art Diary Project began. Every new sketchbook page tells a story about my day. It’s a fun theme.

I’m thinking of doing each month a similar themed project. I’ll update this section monthly with my new projects.

Do you have a future project?

Another idea I have is publishing a children’s book. I already have the theme and the illustrations (for a winter holidays story). Now I have to work on the story. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please talk to me. Definitely I’d love to hear from you on this subject. Maybe next winter I’ll redraw and rethink the whole children’s book.

I have also tried a comics style, but the comics require more drawings and more work than a children’s book. Once I am able to draw more quickly and more accurately, I will revive this project.

I am also documenting the steps I’m taking towards becoming a freelance illustrator and keeping a dedicated diary. When I’ll have gathered more experience and be more established as an illustrator, I’ll publish it as a book.

Are you making any money?


For now, I’m working on my portfolio and on creating my illustrator brand on Social Media.

But friends have commissioned me for wedding invitations. So maybe this could work.

I will keep this artist Q&A updated and share with you as soon as I start making money off of this side career as a freelance illustrator.

If you have any further questions on my project, ask them in the comment section bellow. I will update the current artist Q&A if I get recurrent or interesting questions.

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