Here’s your guide to my website, let’s discuss a little about Travels of Plushy. If you’re a new reader, please let us introduce ourselves first.

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Center of interest for this blog

The website is centered around two big points of interest, travels and plastic arts.

It’s been less than a year that I started my journey with blogging about our trips, and the feedback from my readers keeps me motivated (even though there are periods it’s a little discouraging). But I’m lucky enough to receive help from this community.

I’m glad that I can collaborate with fellow bloggers and travelers on some posts. Here are some of the posts Travels of Plushy has been featured in:

How I travel

My travel style is low to mid budget, and always trying to avoid the clichés, or keep them to a minimum.

Throughout my posts you will find that my posts contain useful information on how to get there, or what are the local dishes, without being a “travel guide”. My posts are rather recommendations and are conceived such that they give you a hint on the destination and the attractions, but on a global view.

I don’t focus on a single attraction, because I don’t want to spoil the beauty of you discovering that monument or that museum, or that Eiffel Tower.

When preparing for a travel destination I often come across on posts that show an attraction from all the angles, stressing the importance of it. By the time you finish scrolling through that post, you’ve discovered all that’s it to know and you’ve seen all the photos.

I like to mention a little the attractions, throw an intriguing photo and give some info on the price or when to visit or where to find it. Just common sense.

I do that on most of the posts, so here are some of the interesting ones:

Some articles may come as travel journals:

Why I post most on France

If you’ve been around for a while, you might have noticed that most of the posts are about France, but why? Well, for France I cover tourist and non-tourist destinations, but always from a local’s point of view, as I am an expatriate in this country.

Here are some of my most popular articles on France:

And while we’re here, know that I also cover subjects such as expat life and startup life. Yes, I am a research engineer, working in Paris, in a startup in Aviation field. And long story short I make sure the airplanes are reducing their fuel burnt (I hope with this I can contribute to reducing our plane tickets’ cost. Yay!). Happy travels!

My passion for arts

It’s not a secret that my hobby is plastic arts. I hesitated a while, whether to keep my posting solely on travel, or include some of my personality in it. Hmm, as you can tell, I’ve chosen to talk about this subject too.

Even if I’m not an artist, I enjoy painting and drawing, and even had the chance to participate in a painting exhibit with my noob artwork. The post where I talk about exposing my artwork in Paris area is very popular too.

Another posts on art that people enjoy are:

See you soon again!