View on Stockholm from the Västerbron Bridge

9 cheap reasons to visit Stockholm

When I came back to France after the Japan experience, with my new perspective on what I wanted for myself, I was avid for more of Europe too. Today I will share with you 9 reason to visit Stockholm. Enjoy!

I made a list of countries in Europe I wanted to go to in the low season and named some cities per country where it was accessible to get there only for the weekend. And guess what: Stockholm was pretty high on this list, and the decisive factor for this city-break was their culture.

I realized Sweden was not like the other European countries I had visited before (mostly Latin ones); it was the land of the vikings! Little I knew about their history and customs, but this is one of my favorite part when traveling: you learn a lot about your destination.

So here is my:

Quick guide with 9 cheap activities when you visit Stockholm

1. Meet the swans squad

Swans and ducks in Stockholm

2. Cruising around the lands is a must when you visit Stockholm

You can buy the 24 h card if you think you are going to travel more than 4 times. Then you can go everywhere by tram, bus, underground and ferry to Djurgården.

Enjoy the coffee/tea on board on the house, especially in cold season.

Clouds over the white boat in the port of Stockholm

Price of the 24h card: ~12-13€, but it covers all public transportation.

3. Take a walk in Gamla Stan

If you want to see an “older” Stockholm, or just buy some souvenirs, take a walk in Gamla Stan. You can admire all the vikings displayed behind the souvenir stores’ windows. Make sure to check this area out when you visit Stockholm.

Souvenir store Stockholm


4. Try street food from the “hot dog” stands

If you want to avoid spending a fortune on eating in Stockholm, I recommend these “hot dog” stands, you will find them quite often on the streets. The are not only hot dogs, but traditional grilled sausages too. Yum!

Hot dog stand in Stockholm

Price: ~2-3€ per “hot dog”.

5. Discover Djurgården Island

Djurgården is home to historical buildings and monuments, museums, galleries. We found the best place in town for a colorful sunset.

Another reason to visit Stockholm: Sunset on Djurgarden Island

Price: 0€, but a priceless experience.

6. Observe the local fauna at Skansen Park

While on Djurgården Island we visited Skansen Park, and we got lucky seeing these awesome Black-and-white colobus monkey, also called “the messenger of the gods” because at sunrise they sit silently as if in prayer.

Colobus Monkeys having lunch

Entry to Skansen Park: ~10€

7. Climb the hill of Fåfängan Terrace for the view on the port

In the low season, this restaurant was closed, but when we arrived on top of the hill, we still sat down and enjoyed the magnificent view on the port despite the temperature.

8. Eat like vikings

After a very long day we were frozen and famished, so we went for a restaurant our host had suggested, at Pelikan. We ate like vikings, we were round and full but without regrets. We seized the day with a feast.

Viking food

Price: meal starting at 20€

Attention, food in restaurants in very expensive in Stockholm

9. Walk the Västerbron Bridge

The longest bridge in Stockholm offers a wide view on Stockholm, and the spectacle is magnificent and free.

View on Stockholm Vasterbron Bridge Visit Stockholm

There are some things we wish could have done :

  • Stay in ice hotel. I admit, I am not that adventurous as to sleep on ice
  • Do shots in an ice bar. Unfortunately, the hotel bar in our travel book was not open in low season.
Do you have secrets on how to visit Stockholm on a budget? Write them in the comments. Sneak-peek?!

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