5 hobbies ideas to try out when not traveling cover

5 hobbies ideas to try out when not traveling

There are periods in our lives when doing what we love becomes close to impossible. During the past months we weren’t able to travel as much as we wanted, so I started turning myself towards exploiting my love for art. Today I propose you a series of ideas and projects you can implement when not traveling.

Since our honeymoon trip to Bali, back in October 2017, we only traveled again in the South of Spain at the beginning of April 2018. But meanwhile I have started taking more seriously some of my other passions.

As you know, in January I have published my first illustration book, that resulted from my December challenge to make everyday an illustration.

But now let’s see what other creative hobbies related to travel you can develop when not travelling.

Travel Art Project

5 hobbies ideas for when you’re not traveling

1. Scratch your destination

Plushy and Scratch Map

For a long while I have been searching for a type of support capable of reproducing TripAdvisor travel map available on Facebook app that completes itself each time you check in somewhere new. I even said to myself that a usual map where I can put some pins or pin photos directly would do the work – but obviously, this wasn’t a viable solution, as photos take so much space.

I’ve been searching for a solution to keep a non-digital visual track of our trips, until I’ve stumbled upon the scratch map.

If you enjoy traveling or have friends that are serial travelers, this is the perfect present, if you/they don’t have one yet.

2. Print out your travel photos

What a more personal present or souvenir than your own travel photos? Make a selection and print your best travel photos. Each time you will see them you will be able to recall every memorable event depicted within your selection.

Chose your collage layer and display your photos in your room or office. Friends and families will be delighted to see you in your awesome holiday and every discussion will start there.

Japan Painting
Nara Park in Japan

3. Start drawing or painting your travels

You don’t have to be good at it, you just need to start. Art is a skill that you develop in time, while exercising. If you are home for a while why not start a creative hobby?

Whether you choose to paint a bucket list destination or a place that inspired you during your travels, that’s up to you. But the idea is once you decide, you should stick to it and let your creative spirit be free. It doesn’t matter if the first ones are bad. You need to persevere and practice anytime, anywhere.

To begin with, get a crayon and a paper, to step up your game, buy the beginner level materials. They are beginner priced in order to give yourself the possibility of testing a certain medium (whether it’s crayons, pastels, acrylics or oils).

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“Northern lights” acrylics on plastic support

Travel Magnet Fridge

4. Display your fridge magnets

We all have a little collection of objects from our travels. Whether it’s a fridge magnet collection or a postcard collection, or even museum or transportation tickets, we love to keep a souvenir from our vacation.

When not traveling, why not reorganize your magnets on the fridge in order to make room for new ones?

5. Read a book

In January 2018 I’ve been able to read 4 books while commuting. This means one book per week. It is very important for our writing skill to continue reading new books. Whether it’s a travel guide or a story lived in a particular location, these are great source of inspiration for your next destination.

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TELL ME: What are your hobbies?
What are you doing when not traveling?
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