Artist Q&A: becoming a freelance illustrator

If you’ve been around for while, you know that sometime I share my art on Travels of Plushy. I am very excited about having launched my side career as a freelance illustrator! Today I’m answering some of the questions people keep asking me, in this artist Q&A that I will update when needed.

Black Friday sales: Citybreak to Venice

Today I want to share a story of how I traveled for the weekend from Paris to Venice and spent only 8€ on plane tickets for a round trip for two persons. The perfect citybreak to Venice thanks to Black Friday sales!

Visit Nantes, France: Photo diary and guide

Last Easter holiday we went to visit Nantes, in the Western part of France, in Bretagne region. At the time of the trip I was stunned by the dirt of the city that eclipsed its beauty. After more than half year I began to chill out about this and decided to tell you about Nantes. Because, despite the garbage I saw during that weekend, the city is very beautiful and you should definitely visit Nantes.

Visit Greece: Thessaloniki travel guide

For a long period of time I wanted to visit Greece. This year we somehow managed to get there. As cheapest flights from Paris were into Thessaloniki, we kinda went with the flow and decided to visit Thessaloniki too. Hence, here’s my Thessaloniki travel guide.

Discover castle of Vitré in France

The best part of living in Paris area is definitely being able to visit cities and towns around. As I mentioned in my post with tips for traveling with a full time job, my favourite way of traveling is during the weekend. In a new recent visit we got to discover the castle of Vitré.

How to afford traveling with full time job

A full time job has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to traveling. Today I’ll be pointing out the limitations and give you tips on how to get the most of your trips while managing the limited holidays available. Here’s how to afford traveling with full time job!

Discover Fougères castle in France

Last weekend we visited the region of Bretagne, another unique and picturesque place in France. We celebrated Bastille Day in Fougères, a town that hosts the largest fortress of Europe. Read more about Fougères castle!

Discover The Road of Castles in Provence region

As we’re back from a small trip in Provence region in France, I have so much to share with you! Even though the main purpose of this trip was to finally see the lavender fields, we discovered this hidden gem called the Road of Castles in Provence, in South Luberon area.

Best spot for lavender fields in Provence

France has so many beautiful scenery types that I don’t even know where to start. When I first moved to France I was eager for more Paris with all its Parisian clichés. More than four years later, I can say that I’m a professional guide even among my French friends. Last week I was able to check an important bucket list item from my Places to see this life list. I found the best spot for lavender fields in Provence region.

Welcome to Paris Air Show 2017

I have arrived on the tarmac. Aircrafts and people everywhere. The sun is up on the sky, heating even more the atmosphere. This is THE EVENT of the year for Aviation Industry. Monday to Friday all industry’s actors are meeting here to discover and to be discovered by their peers. During weekend, all Aviation Geeks are invited, as the air show continues for general public.

Expressing my gratitude: Love letter for Europe

Living in Europe my entire life, made me who I am. And being the person I am today wouldn’t have been possible without the diversity Europe is offering. For the past 5 years I’ve been living in France, the country I’ve been dreaming of ever since I was little. Today’s post is something unusual, but I really want to express my gratitude for being able to be who I am. Here’s my love letter for Europe.